Monotype Restores Classic Walbaum Typeface

Monotype Restores Classic Walbaum Typeface

Monotype has released its latest typeface restoration project from the Monotype Studio: Walbaum. The modernized typeface features a serif design that can be used across a wide range of applications, from small caption text to massive display headlines, making it an ideal fit for publishing, advertising and brandings, in both digital and print.

The Walbaum typeface, restored by Monotype type designers Charles Nix, Carl Crossgrove and Juan Villanueva, offers tailored weights and appropriate contrasts for optical font sizes, allowing for improved legibility, utility and impact. As a result, Walbaum is suitable in smaller text sizes, like those used in e-readers, where lower-contrast designs improve readability. The larger display sizes, likes those used in digital and print billboards, offer heavier weights to catch the eye, while maintaining a consistent identity with the text sizes of the typeface.

The Walbaum typeface can be found in Mosaic, a cloud-based font platform that provides enterprises with an easy way to discover, manage, share and deploy Monotype's fonts. It can also be licensed through MyFonts.


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