Monotype Releases Four New Typefaces

Monotype Releases Four New Typefaces

Monotype has released four new type designs for creative professionals, including a sans serif that makes a statement (Malden), a textured calligraphic design (Amarone), a versatile script (Elicit Script), and a typeface inspired by classic cinema (Placard Next). Each of the recent releases are available to customers through Mosaic.

Placard Next: A Poster Typeface That's Packed with Personality

With a reimagined version of the Placard typeface, a 1930s poster design, the Placard Next family takes all the details and quirks of the original design and refines them for digital use. The family includes four widths, each with six weights ranging from thin hairlines to compact bold fonts and works particularly well for posters or in editorial environments.

Amarone: An Elegant Script Design That Embraces Its Rough Edges

The Amarone typeface is a sophisticated and elegant design featuring textures and rough edges - calling to mind visions of pirate treasure maps and explorers' journals - which is also at home on packaging, posters and in editorial uses.

Malden Sans: A Cheeky Sans Serif Inspired by Hollywood's History

Partly inspired by the world of film, Malden Sans is a mischievous sans serif that was designed with the printed page in mind. Drawing on a bygone era of typography, this typeface takes on the devil-may-care attitude of the silver screen. As a result, the design is resistant to rough handling - for example, adapting well to being printed on lower quality paper. It also works in digital environments.

Elicit Script: A Versatile Family That Can Be as Casual or Formal as the Occasion Demands

This hybrid script evokes the warmth of brush lettering and hand-drawn forms, mixed with a more formal script style. The Elicit Script typeface is designed as a true workhorse, spanning five weights and styles that range from buttoned-up high contrast designs to more relaxed monoline versions. Users can keep things straightforward with the typeface's simple caps or add in swash caps if they need more expression. Its generous spacing also means the design works well at smaller sizes - a rarity for script fonts.

Images: Courtesy of Monotype