Monotype Introduces Helvetica Now

Monotype Introduces Helvetica Now

Monotype has released 'Helvetica Now' typeface, a family of fonts that have been carefully and respectfully re-drawn by the Monotype Studio for the modern era. Consisting of 48 fonts and three optical sizes, the Helvetica Now typeface has been produced from size-specific drawings and with size-specific spacing. Every character has been redrawn & refit and a host of useful alternates have been added to help brands meet modern-day branding challenges.

"Helvetica Now is the tummy-tuck, facelift and lip filler we've been wanting, but were too afraid to ask for," commented Abbott Miller, partner at Pentagram. "It offers beautifully drawn alternates to some of Helvetica's most awkward moments, giving it a surprisingly, thrillingly contemporary character."

The Helvetica Now typeface is available in three optical sizes-Micro, Display, and Text. Helvetica Now Micro solves the decades-old spacing and legibility shortcomings of single-master versions of the family at the smallest sizes (4- to 7-points). Helvetica Now Micro offers more open apertures, wider forms, a larger x-height, open spacing, larger accents, optical adjustments to the shapes of complex forms, and a number of other changes to produce a highly legible font at very small sizes.

Helvetica Now Display offers a range of weights from Hairline to Extra Black, with appropriate spacing, for 14-point settings and up. Big, bold, attention-grabbing Helvetica no longer requires the trimming of characters, manual adjustment of spacing and kerning, or the resizing and repositioning of punctuation necessary with the legacy versions.

Helvetica Now Text is a true workhorse, and comes in a range of weights from Thin to Black with carefully combed spacing and kerning. Helvetica Now Text is easy and pleasing to read, and an ample palette for demanding & information-rich design environments.

Newly designed alternate glyphs have been added across the entire range of the family, including a single-story "a" and a straight-legged capital "R." Every weight and optical size offers a host of new and useful glyphs, including a suite of Helvetica arrows.

Every letter, number, punctuation mark and symbol in the family-nearly 40,000 in all-has been redrawn, analyzed and tested for improved legibility and performance. The result is a better reading experience, as the design's improved forms and more even spacing mean clearer communication.

"Today, we're asking Helvetica to do more than it ever has before. Previous versions of the typeface weren't designed to be used in graphic applications that have developed over the last 30 years. As a result, older versions of the font were lacking in some important areas," said Charles Nix, type director at Monotype. "Helvetica Now solves the legibility and style challenges that brands using Helvetica have consciously and unconsciously faced for years. The design introduces a new chapter in the Helvetica story-expanding its look and utility, while reinvigorating its heritage."