Denomination Creates Branding for 'Tread Softly'

Denomination Creates Branding for 'Tread Softly'

Denomination has created a delicate and sensual brand design for a new wine by Australian organic winemaker Fourth Wave called Tread Softly. The range of lighter-style wines has been created as a 'next generation wine for the next generation of drinker' in response to the increasing appetite for light wines that taste good, whilst having minimal environmental impact.

Using naturally flecked uncoated paper stock, the front label is not only nature-friendly, but its artwork is also discreet and understated, encouraging you to lean in and take a closer look. However, turn the bottle around and you find dramatic, sensual images of flora and fauna signifying the wines' sophisticated flavor profiles. These eye-catching images also appear on the capsules to further boost stand-out and allow for a more minimalist approach on the front labels.

"The semiotics of the labels needed to support the name, so the graphics are delicate and considered," explained Rowena Curlewis, CEO, Denomination. "It's a daring, restrained approach, but we've created a design aesthetic with a softness that complements the brand premise and name. Overall, the work celebrates the selection's pioneering, eco-aware spirit and communicates that the wines are better for the planet and the consumer."


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