Denomination Designs 'The Legacy' for Wakefield's 50th Anniversary

Denomination Designs 'The Legacy' for Wakefield's 50th Anniversary

Denomination has designed a standout packaging for 'The Legacy,' a rare, ultra-premium wine created to celebrate 50 years of winemaking of South Australian family winemaker Wakefield. The winery briefed Denomination to develop a unique commemorative package that would not only celebrate 50 years of winemaking but also the three generations of family that have built the business to where it is today.

The 'Wakefield The Legacy' is predominantly cabernet sauvignon, with small parcels of merlot and cabernet franc. The wine hails from the exceptional 2014 Clare Valley vintage, which saw a long, cool ripening season ideal for cabernet sauvignon. Limited to just 1,080 bottles, this wine is also incredibly rare.

A sleek tapered bottle sits within a bespoke highly polished metal sculpture. Three slightly twisting pillars, engraved with the signature from each generation of the family and representing the upward growth of vines, cradles the bottle. When the wine has eventually been enjoyed, the sculpture remains as a stunning object d'art.

Glimpsed through the sculpture is the bottle adorned with the Wakefield logo of entwined seahorses, which were crafted by a master jeweler in sterling silver and rhodium. An innovative tamper-proof NFC (Near-Feld Communication) device has been applied to every bottle to reassure collectors of authenticity as well as to record and track each individual bottle's cellaring history. The device is carefully concealed and protected by a bespoke overcap, which can be removed when a hidden pin is released.

The entire package is housed in a japanned timber case, complete with information booklet and a certificate of authentication, signed and hand-numbered to emphasize the limited release.

"From the outset we wanted to create something that would be truly desirable and utterly contemporary," commented Rowena Curlewis, CEO, Denomination. "We aimed to elevate this offering so that it could become the centrepiece of any fine cellar, and that years after the wine had been enjoyed the consumer would still have on display a beautiful sculpture to remind them of their experience with the wine.

"The care and craftsmanship over a four-year period - engineering details, solving incredibly complex problems with elements that, to the eye, seem so refined - has been a great challenge, but the results speak for themselves."