Monotype Unveils Radical New Typeface - Ambiguity

Monotype Unveils Radical New Typeface: Ambiguity

Monotype has released a genre-bending typeface family called Ambiguity. By swapping everything creative professionals think they know about traditional and contrarian views of letter proportions, Ambiguity allows designers to experiment with expressing a range of attitudes and beliefs.

Designed by Charles Nix, celebrated designer and Type Director at Monotype, Ambiguity offers five distinct states of being-Tradition, Radical, Thrift, Generous and Normate - all in the same family. Borrowing typeface 'rules' from the Roman times through the Renaissance to present day, Ambiguity encourages us to question our beliefs about the intersection of style and meaning.

The Ambiguity family's complete range of weights and styles make it an exceptionally flexible type family. Its letterforms are legible in both display and text, and its variable widths make it suitable for information-rich applications. Ambiguity's unity and versatility offers brands a host of designs ranging from conventional to unique, which allows them to mix and experiment to create a system of type that not only effectively carries their message, but allows them to discover new voices and identities.

"Ambiguity's palette of varying styles and letterfroms have resulted in an exciting tool for tweaking text and modifying meaning," Nix commented. "It's a family that encourages designers to play with and against type, stereotype and prejudice. It's less about creating within the constraints of the expected and more about pushing boundaries to harmonize design and authentically portray meaning. I designed Ambiguity to break down mental walls and to remind myself and others that the blending, the exchange and the conversation is where and when we're at our best.

"I could see Ambiguity being adopted by a large media outlet or publisher to address a new audience or possibly as part of a political campaign looking to create a more welcoming tent."