B&B studio Designs Visual Identity for OATH

B&B studio Designs Visual Identity for OATH

B&B studio a bold visual identity for functional drinks brand OATH. OATH has been released as a range of four ready-to-drink flavors, with organic ingredients carefully selected for their health and wellness benefits. Each 355ml bottle contains organic, vegan oat milk designed to harness the true promise of plants, from protein-rich oats, nuts and seeds to spices and botanicals such as matcha and turmeric, expertly balanced to ensure powerful flavors and functional benefits.

OATH's brand positioning is underpinned by the fact that physical and mental health are inextricably linked and plays to the desire for creative self-expression found among its millennial and Gen Z consumer. Encapsulated in the line 'Feed your body, free your mind,' the brand promises to deliver you the nutrition you need so that your mind is free to play and create.

The name OATH is coupled with the line 'Plants with promise' to highlight the many nutritional benefits delivered by each ingredient. It is also a reminder that by pledging a promise to stay healthy through the power of plants, we are also working towards a healthier planet.

OATH's brand design goes against the traditional codes of the functional product category, which often focus on a product's impact on physical health. Instead, OATH's visual identity reflects the creative freedom that is unleashed through optimum nutrition.

B&B has designed a range of bespoke patterns to be used across all brand touch-points. Each flavor in the range, from Indian Rose to Golden Turmeric and Double Chocolate, is finished with a unique illustrative graphic, illustrated in-house, with color combinations denoting the taste profile.

These illustrations are seen on each bottle, encased within the vertical OATH logo which features a graphic of a single oat within the 'O'. The visual identity comes to life across the complete brand world, reflecting the 'OATH life' of empowered mental wellbeing. The bespoke patterns encase delivery vans and give added energy to influencer boxes, stickers, posters and other merchandise.

"OATH represents a perfect balance of the functional with the emotional, combining real health benefits with beautiful creativity," said Shaun Bowen, Co-Founder at B&B studio. "The world of high-protein, functional drinks is dominated by monochrome and stripped back design codes, so we saw an opportunity to introduce a brand identity full of life and colour rather than these traditional codes of efficacy. We have graphically brought to life the vivid connection between body and mind, showing that OATH is about why we need to stay healthy, not just how."