B&B Studio Designs New Brand Identity for Raw Halo

B&B Studio Designs New Brand Identity for Raw Halo

B&B Studio has designed a new brand identity and packaging for raw chocolate brand Raw Halo. Raw Halo pushes raw, vegan chocolate to a new level in terms of taste, quality and ingredients - all without sacrificing on flavor. B&B has repositioned the brand to celebrate the fact that it is kinder to your body and the planet, meaning people can feel good about indulging.

The new design combines the reassuring familiarity of mainstream chocolate design cues with a modern vibrancy. Bold typography creates a 'halo' in the negative space, and a radiant color palette showcases the positive and celebratory quality of the product. Foil and embossing bring a touch of luxurious shine.

Raw Halo's packaging is 100% recyclable and entirely plastic-free. On the inside of the wrapper are details of the brand's ethical credentials, from how the ingredients are sourced to the production process and a partnership with the charitable organization One Tree Planted. Captured in the brand's bright and honest tone of voice, this inner detail allows the design of the outer pack to remain pared back with the brand name and logo taking pride of place.

"The premium chocolate category is closely aligned with luxury, and has followed its evolution from exclusivity and affluence, exoticism and craft to now having a new focus on health and wellness," said Shaun Bowen, Creative Partner at B&B studio. "With a product that stands at the forefront of this evolution, Raw Halo sets a new benchmark for the premium chocolate category, with an identity that feels celebratory, not worthy or pretentious."