FS Renaissance by Monotype

FS Renaissance by Monotype

Monotype has released FS Renaissance, a single style font which explores the intersection between art and design, created by Monotype Creative Type Director Pedro Arilla and lettering artist Craig Black.

Inspired by the omni-talented creatives of the Renaissance, each letter of the new display stencil typeface was crafted as a standalone piece of art. FS Renaissance is not a traditional stencil design: the cuts have a handcrafted feel like a sculptor.

A Renaissance man himself, Black created a series of handmade typographic sculptures for the launch that encapsulate the spirit of the project, showcasing the letterforms as pieces of physical art. Arilla then applied the core DNA of Craig's work to a typographic base with a solid internal consistency, balanced with an external elegance.

"When I first saw Craig's design it was love at first sight," commented Arilla. "There is something magnificent about it, when I look at it, I can see a real fluidity, the letters look like they are dancing with the light. This is a display typeface with elegant contours and an ageless demeanour."

Photos: Courtesy of Monotype


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