Monotype Debuts Futura Now

Monotype Debuts Futura Now

Monotype has debuted Futura Now, a remastered version of 90-year-old typeface Futura. Since its 1927 introduction at the height of the Bauhaus, the famed typeface has upheld fundamental and enduring style: It's on the plaque NASA left on the moon in 1969. It's recognizable as the logotype of numerous Fortune 100 brands.

Futura Now recasts the entire history of the iconic design to fit the needs of a digital-first era. Consisting of 102 styles, as well as 5 variable fonts, it provides a contemporary and rational alignment of names and weights for a better user experience. With over 600 characters, including 72 entirely new family members, and support for 89 languages, Futura Now also makes the typeface useful to more people around the world.

The Futura Now family is available as a set of industry-standard OpenType fonts and is also the first Futura ever available in the cutting-edge Variable font format. This new font technology exponentially expands the number of weights, widths, and optical sizes of the family while miraculously reducing its digital footprint (and web load times).

"Futura Now will inspire creatives to explore new uses for one of their favorite designs - perhaps one of the first typefaces they ever learned about," said Steve Matteson, Monotype's Creative Type Director. "This family demonstrates how even timeless designs can benefit from contemporary refinement without disrupting the nature of the original."


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