Industrial Design Companies

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  1. Hone Product Design

    Hone Product Design

    Through a deep understanding of the end user, we develop products that excite the senses, redefine the future, and build successful businesses in Melbourne and around the world.

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    Werksdesign supports brands with strategic product design solutions. With award-winning designs we support international brands, strategically, with no frills in the context of cultural, technological and social change.

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    Skeg is a product development firm based in Cape Town, South Africa that covers the entire product life-cycle in services.

    Montague Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa
  4. Spark Innovations

    Spark Innovations

    Spark Innovations is an award-winning industrial design company specializing in the development of innovative products and inventions. Spark Innovation's professional team has taken thousands of products from the early stages of an idea to the mass market.

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    Frank Etc.

    An award-winning Swedish design consultancy, specialised in industrial design, graphic design and product development, working closely together with our clients world-wide to create relevant products that make a difference.

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    Altitude, an award-winning design and innovation firm, creates breakthrough products and experiences that deeply resonate with users and build lasting business success for clients. We believe that true innovation arises when talent and spirited intellectual engagement meet business acumen and a deep understanding of consumer needs and desires. With expertise in strategy, design, and technology, Altitude uncovers powerful opportunities and transforms them into solutions in the market that move business forward.

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    FlatHED is a multi-disciplinary firm. Since 1996, FlatHED has been in the business of bringing ideas to life. Our services include product development, industrial design and project management.

  8. Essential


    Established in 2001, Essential is the design and innovation partner for leaders seeking to accelerate business success. Essential is a focused team of industry-leading research, design and engineering professionals who think beyond design to translate strategy into breakthrough products and services.

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    BUSSE Design

    As one of the biggest and oldest companies for industrial design and product development in Europe, since 1959 we stand for successful products, target group orientated aesthetic design and interfaces, engineering up to ready for tooling CAD data as well as trendsetting innovations and strategies.

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    Evo Design

    Evo is a Product Design firm founded in 1997 by Tom McLinden and Aaron Szymanski. Evo's business is built on the core expertise to deliver creative design focused on the needs of your business.

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    Ko:work is a small industrial design firm, focused on the development of professional equipment, such as production machines, laboratory equipment and medical systems. Since we work closely together with the engineers of our clients, we concentrate on industrial design and man-machine interface. Our contribution result in distinctive products, which are easy to use.

  12. Zenit Design

    Zenit Design

    Zenit Design is a Swedish design and innovation studio in Malmö with partners all over the world. For the past 25 years, Zenit Design has been designing objects, services and experiences using a human-centered, research-driven design approach.

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    Metaphase is the world's leading company for the research, ergonomics and design of handheld products. Founded in 1991, by Bryce Rutter, Ph.D., one of the world's leading experts on handheld design, Metaphase has always been at the forefront of innovative breakthroughs.

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    Ideaz is an award winning product development firm with extensive experience developing successful products.

  15. Catalano Design

    Catalano Design

    Catalano Design is an award winning, full service, product design and development firm located in Boston. Founded in 1987 by Carol Catalano, Catalano Design builds long term relationships by working closely with clients to understand their culture, their technology and their markets.

  16. Orcadesign


    Orcadesign is an award-winning design consultation firm specializing in design ethnography, design strategy, product design and experience design. Closely collaborating with world's leading brands and regional enterprises, the company has won many international accolades such as iF, Red Dot, IDEA, Good Design and the President's Design Award Singapore.

  17. Design2Gather


    Design2Gather is an international product design company based in China, which provides manufacturers and retailers innovative and functional designs that are directly ready for mass production. We have established our own method to create product designs with value for the end-user.

  18. Ahhaproject


    Founded in 2010, Ahhaproject founder Jinwoo Han and his team of designers have one common goal, of creating products and services that are synergistic with their client's needs. Based in Milano and Seoul, the team draws strength from the rich, diverse culture and arts that surround them.

  19. Fearsom


    Product design, development and innovation consultancy with specific expertise in medical devices, ATEX related products and environments and consumer products.

  20. Bridge Factory

    Bridge Factory

    Bridge Factory is an award-winning industrial design firm that helps organizations bridge the gap between the needs/desires of customers and industry-leading product design.

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    YHK is a design and product development company. We do not just build designs that look good, we build designs that enable our clients to differentiate them from their competitors and drives sustainable growth. With Design Thinking process, we integrate strategy, innovation and design into every piece of our works.

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    Vertex Product Development

    Vertex Product Development, Inc. is a full service Product Development firm providing services ranging from Industrial Design and prototyping to engineering and production documentation.

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    Integrated Design Solutions

    IDS is a multi-disciplinary product design and development firm. From early ideation and concepts, to prototypes and tooling-ready databases, IDS's award-winning development team uses a collaborative approach to provide innovative and manufacturable solutions to industry leaders nationwide.

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    Sector is an industrial design company with manufacturing capabilities overseas.

  25. IDEIA.M


    IDEIA.M offers strategic design consulting for products, services and experiences.

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    npk Design

    npk Design is an international design agency; a strong partner in the development, design, and realization of extremely diverse products for the brand and market of its clients. Strategic advice, industrial design, public design and graphic design, but also engineering and supply management are part and parcel of the services provided.

  27. Ahackenberg Design

    Ahackenberg Design

    Ahackenberg is a design agency with almost twenty years of experience in creating innovative product solutions. From the first sketch ideas to final market solutions, we holistically care about our well-known national as well as international clients of different branches.

  28. GP designpartners

    GP designpartners

    GP designpartners is an award-winning product design studio based in Vienna. We focus on industrial design and service design with more than 20 years of design experience from clients like Doppelmayr, Siemens, Philips, MAM, and Artweger.

  29. BlackHagen Design

    BlackHagen Design

    BlackHagen Design is a progressive user research and product development firm that supports all levels of medical, consumer and commercial design innovation. We strategically support our clients with product plans and solutions that are researched, designed and engineered to be cost-effective yet sensitive to both client and user needs.