Industrial Design Companies

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    ION Design

    ION Design is an award winning product development firm offering a complete range of design services geared to meet the needs of companies manufacturing scientific, medical, and consumer products. ION's approach to design is at once pragmatic and user oriented, merging the humanity of industrial design with the no-nonsense reality of engineering.

  2. 3fD


    Innovative stylish product design, engineered for excellent results. For individuals to global brands, we provide elegant designs, manufacturable solutions, and when required finished product, ensuring great ideas become great products.

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    Bard Eker

    Bard Eker Industrial Design work towards Norwegian and foreign industry, and develops products for Koenigsegg. Stokke, Projectiondesign, Christie, Texas Instruments and other major clients within production of high tech products. Today we count 30 employees with a young and vibrant, high paced work environment.

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    Industrialpartners is a team of experienced and inspirable engineers and designers from Offenbach am Main, Germany. We work in the areas of design strategy, product design, design engineering and construction of moulds for injection moulding.

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    We all have daily tasks we want to do faster, things that take up too much space, and projects we want to organize. Simplehuman is committed to designing products that help efficiently achieve these goals.

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    Front Yard Company

    The Front Yard Company designs and manufactures innovative products to make front yards & gardens useful places to securely & attractively store things that are taking up space indoors.

  7. Innowa


    Innowa is a design agency providing product design, engineering, tooling and manufacturing services. We help clients get from ideas to mass-produced products.

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    Ask4Me Group

    Ask4Me Group is a Dutch Design Agency located in Guangzhou. In an international team we have developed products in China since 2006. We are specialized in concept development, CAD, sourcing, prototyping, casing design, design for assembly and matching our design concepts with the capabilities of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

  9. Gentle and More

    Gentle & More

    Gentle & more is a product design office and strategic design consultancy in Ghent, Belgium. We focus on the connection between the user, product and brand, to kick start developments and push the boundaries of the current market.

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    Studio Backs

    San Francisco based product design firm, helping companies achieve competitive advantage through product innovation. Studio Backs delivers great product design and experiences in the consumer, computer, packaging, medical and houseware industries. We work on projects ranging from monitors to cameras to packaging for clients such as Samsung, Logitech to Vaska.

  11. Sine Engineering Bureau

    Sine Engineering Bureau

    Sine is an industrial design and engineering company, based in Lviv Ukraine. It was founded in 2018 by Ostap Ferentsovych and Pavlo Doro, whom are also in charge of engineering and design in the company.

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    Fabrikators is a company constantly in the process of developing and designing exceptional products with a new dimension. All works are made in Copenhagen Denmark by a small group of dedicated out-of-the-box engineers, designers and prototyping experts.

  13. Design Central

    Design Central

    Design Central is a product design and engineering consultancy that brings power to organizations by identifying opportunities for compelling solutions through strategy, research, product design, user experience and engineering. We share an innate curiosity and a relentless desire to learn, innovate and deliver what's next. We deliver answers to clients faster, easier and with better-targeted solutions by applying the full spectrum of our innovation services. Our integrated methodology ensures that insights are gained at every step of the process to produce user-centered designs that converge with manufacturable execution.

  14. Creature


    Creature is a product development firm that creates innovative product solutions for medical, consumer, and commercial products.

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    Goodwin is a product design company with many years experience creating novel, well engineered, patent protected, attractive and commercially successful products.

  16. Made Studio

    Made Studio

    Made Studio is a design firm with locations in both Taipei and Shenzhen. We are a group of engineers, designers and startup founders specializing in hardware development and china manufacturing.

  17. Discommon


    Discommon specializes in left-of-center concepts and the production of fine goods. We start with the problem, then give mad chase to the solution. We're driven to create in new and different ways, putting results above the hype. We're the ones you turn to when it's time to get things done, and in ways that feel new and uncommon ... Discommon. By giving unlimited effort for a limited roster of tightly curated partners, we deliver no-nonsense solutions and have fun doing it - every single day.

  18. Shark Design

    Shark Design

    Shark Design is a leading international consumer product development company. Our design studio in Miami offers an innovative product design team covering a scope of prototyping products providing full eclectic concepts in design solutions for individuals, inventors, and companies in a variety of industries.

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    Streng Design

    Founded in 1994 by brothers Daniel and Christopher Streng, Streng is an award-winning industrial design and branding firm with locations in New York and Chicago. We are an internationally recognized product development firm in the home appliances, consumer goods, and bath industries.

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    Starfish Medical

    For over 10 years, StarFish Medical has been designing, developing and manufacturing world class medical devices for a select clientele.

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    4sight is a strategic product & package innovation firm. We transform consumers' everyday brand experiences, while creating competitive advantage for our clients. Our team of revolutionary industrial designers and mechanical engineers feeds off the endless creative stimulation of NYC. Inspired, driven and focused, our designers lead research and create actionable, disruptive designs.

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    MindFlow Design

    MindFlow Design is an innovative California product development company that strategically develops products for clients who range from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. We specialize in medical device design.

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    M Industrial Design

    M Industrial Design delivers innovative product design, mechanical engineering solutions, and user focused results for your concept and packaging design projects.

  24. Alskar Design

    Alskar Design

    Alskar Design is an industrial design firm based in Amsterdam with a strong team of experienced designers and product developers. We have been in business for over 10 years and worked on many projects in different sectors.

  25. SurfaceID


    SurfaceID is a Montreal industrial design firm. Onsite or remotely, day or night, the designers and engineers at SurfaceID will accommodate and complement your in-house team.

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    Billings Jackson Design

    Billings Jackson Design is an industrial design firm founded in 1992 with studios in London, New York and Chicago. Focusing on the built environment, Billings Jackson works with multi-disciplinary design teams on urban infrastructure projects and with leading manufacturers on building products including lighting and furniture ranges.

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    Origin is a full-service product design and development company serving clients in the medical/laboratory, industrial and consumer markets. Our specialty is delivering design solutions that meet the needs of the client as well as the people using the product.

  28. Crucible


    Crucible works with companies who want to generate more profit from their products. We provide industrial design services that help them increase their sales, reduce their costs and minimize their risks.

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    SowdenDesign specializes in the design and engineering of consumer and professional electronics. Headquartered in Italy, also has an office in in San Francisco.