Industrial Design Companies

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    Design Catapult

    Design Catapult is a product development company providing world class design and engineering solutions for medical, computer, electronic & consumer products.

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    MOTO Design

    The MOTO Design Team creates innovative solutions for companies competing in rapidly changing marketplaces. At MOTO Design we are experienced in accommodating overseas clients with ideas, products and answers that fit into a desired market place.

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    Baren-Boym Company provides expertise in the areas of mechanical engineering, industrial design and software development. Our specialties include but are not limited to medical device design, production automated lines and machines, consumer product development, and sporting goods.

  4. Fearsom


    Product design, development and innovation consultancy with specific expertise in medical devices, ATEX related products and environments and consumer products.

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    Desitech is a technical product design consultancy based in Dorset UK. We offer 35 years product design experience and work closely with clients to create commercially successful products.

  6. Carroll Design

    Carroll Design

    Carroll Design is a full service industrial design & mechanical engineering firm developing innovative & competitive products for its clients.

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    Tactix Gear Workshop

    Tactix Gear Workshop is a sports gear design firm. We develop products that innovate, outperform and impress. We provide streamlined product development services such as ideation, development and in-house prototyping.

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    Morrow Design

    Morrow Design provides a full range of creative services for product development, industrial design, structural packaging and graphic communications. We specialize in the design and development of medical, consumer and industrial products.

  9. i3 Product Development

    i3 Product Development

    i3 Product Development creates dynamic solutions for today's connected world. We serve our clients through innovation, integrity, and inspiration. As a leader in the industry, we strive for a balance between design and engineering; a balance that leverages evolving technology and design trends in order to produce meaningful solutions for clients and customers. We are experts in electrical engineering, industrial design, software engineering, mechanical engineering, user experience, design research, analytical engineering, prototyping, and testing.

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    Product Insight

    Product Insight is an internationally acclaimed product development firm specializing in ideation, innovation, creative problem solving, industrial design and engineering.

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    Industrial design studio based in Singapore. We are retailing and designing our own products since 2003. Our products are available at the most Apple shops.

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    Design Momentum

    Design Momentum is a product design studio based in Sydney, Australia. We can transform your ideas into innovative, feasible products.We have over 25 years experience in bringing consumer and medical products to realization,working closely with our clients to arm them with market-ready, competitive design solutions.

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    Motiv is a premier brand and product development firm in Boston with expertise in the consumer home segment. We are known for creating powerful design solutions that address clients' complex problems and strategic initiatives.

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    Gecco Vision

    Gecco Vision is a full service product design and development company specialized in creating innovative and exciting products for consumer retail and direct response.

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    Fripp Design

    Fripp Design is a Sheffield based product design company. Fripp specialises in taking client ideas from conceptualisation through to prototyping. Our designers have Masters Degrees in Industrial Design and Rapid Prototyping.

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    ADDI design group, A young creative design team from Sweden. ADDI has a wide range of know-how and expertise from projects and education that consists of engineering, furniture product and transportation design.

  17. Pensa


    Pensa is an award winning design and invention firm located in the creative and technical hub of DUMBO, Brooklyn, NYC. We conceive, develop and engineer beautiful and rewarding new product experiences. Our designs are rooted in an understanding of people, the products they use, and the contexts in which they use them.

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    Optimal Design

    Optimal Design is a Chicago area firm offering a full spectrum of product development services from industrial design through prototyping, engineering and manufacturing. Our integrated design and engineering approach allows us to deliver fast, intelligent solutions that exceed the expectations of both the user and the manufacturer.

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    B.Product pairs in-depth experience and knowledge of product design techniques, with a philosophy rooted in design thinking.

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    Insync Design

    Insync Design specializes in the development of products for the consumer electronics, housewares, cosmetics, and heavy equipment industries. Our interactive approach to design is a collective effort between our firm and your team.

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    Kablooe Design

    Kablooe Design is an award winning industrial design and product development company that uses its proprietary D3 (Design Driven Development) process to create innovative product solutions for our customers.

  22. Design2Gather


    Design2Gather is an international product design company based in China, which provides manufacturers and retailers innovative and functional designs that are directly ready for mass production. We have established our own method to create product designs with value for the end-user.

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    KWA Design

    KWA Design, global product design leaders with offices in Australia and China, more than 25 years experience and a reputation for creating product successes that emotionally connect with consumers.



    ART-KON-TOR was founded in 1991 and is located in the city of Jena in the middle of the so called 'Green Heart' of Germany, Thuringia. The agency group, with its 55 open-minded people, is specialized on marketing, product design and engineering processes of medical devices and life science technologies, be it a microscope or a full body scanner.

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    Formation Design Group

    Formation creates innovative products for a diverse range of clients. Our focus is new product innovation with an emphasis on challenging assignments. We prefer to work on difficult problems, becoming involved early and remaining engaged until solutions stand on their own.

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    ID-3D is a full service industrial design and product design consultancy founded in 1981. Our mission is to provide companies with professionally designed products using a condensed time to market model.

  27. Creature


    Creature is a product development firm that creates innovative product solutions for medical, consumer, and commercial products.

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    ED-Design offers specialised design teams of industrial designers, user interface designers, mechanical designers and model makers for our focal industrial clients.

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    Morphix Design

    Morphix is an industrial design firm offering a full range of creative and technical services. We deliver imaginative design solutions that are shaped by understanding the way products make an emotional and functional connection.

  30. Productworkx


    Productworkx is a passionate group of highly skilled industry experts, experienced in research, industrial design, engineering, prototyping, DFM, and manufacturing. Whether in the initial brainstorming phase of a project, prototyping or though to manufacturing, we always have our eye on the end goal; creating products that will make it to market successfully. ‚ÄčOur deep manufacturing experience allows us to minimize design concept rework, by considering production implications early in the design cycle.