Industrial Design Companies

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    With a deep understanding of innovation, design and technology we define, develop and deliver packaging, products and business opportunities, helping our clients grow and become more competitive.

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    Gyre9 is a team of industrial designers, mechanical & electrical engineers, and project managers. Using unconstrained thinking and a strong discipline for process, we generate solutions and accelerate them from basic concepts through marketable and commercially successful products.

  3. Definitive Design

    Definitive Design

    Definitive Design is a full-service product innovation and new product development company that provides the complete package of services from conceptualization to commercialization. Clients look to us for electronic design services, mechanical engineering for new products. We offer 3D printing and prototyping as well as the guidance for manufacturing once the design has been approved.

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    Tanaka Kapec Design Group

    TKDG is an award winning full service product and packaging design consultancy working with national and international clients from concept stage to manufacturing since 1980.

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    Redgroup is a full service product development firm.

  6. Steele


    Steele provides complete product development and engineering services including industrial design, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. Steele is known for their unique design aesthetic and minimal, natural designs that blend into the user's life, creating a smaller footprint but delivering powerful performance.

  7. AVID Labs

    AVID Labs

    AVID Labs is a product design company whose expertise is in solving problems. We specialize in taking projects from inception to production with all the intricate steps along the way. Our expert designers, engineers, artisans and machinists can help you with the design, prototype development, testing and manufacturing of your product.

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    Nottingham Spirk

    Nottingham Spirk has developed hundreds of patented products that have generated tens of billions in sales for industry leading businesses and fast-growth entrepreneurial firms. Our open innovation and product development work, from research to product design to protoyping to testing, is conducted at our Innovation Center, ensuring efficiency, confidentiality and intellectual property protection.

  9. Real DFM

    Real DFM

    Real DFM is an industrial design and development company based in New Orleans, with our own prototyping, development, and production facility in Dongguan, China. We offer services from concept design, engineering, prototyping all the way through to production. We have a broad portfolio with a focus on consumer electronics and over 10 years of experience in bringing products to market.

  10. Lime Design

    Lime Design

    The Lime Design team is comprised of designers, strategists and creative problem-solvers specializing in product development. Our creative team consists of talented, highly-trained professional creatives with 40+ years of experience.

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    Pars Pro Toto

    Pars Pro Toto is a full service design agency, specialized in the strategic accompaniment and implementation of innovation projects within a product development and service design context. Our solutions take a variety of forms, both tangible and intangible. We develop innovative products, services, brands and environments.

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    Permanent Design

    Permanent is a Scandinavian industrial design agency. The name reflects our thinking for the industry. We specialise in viable unique solutions - fulfilling the potential of products and services.

  13. Productworkx


    Productworkx is a passionate group of highly skilled industry experts, experienced in research, industrial design, engineering, prototyping, DFM, and manufacturing. Whether in the initial brainstorming phase of a project, prototyping or though to manufacturing, we always have our eye on the end goal; creating products that will make it to market successfully. ​Our deep manufacturing experience allows us to minimize design concept rework, by considering production implications early in the design cycle.

  14. level


    level is an industrial design shop based in San Francisco. We envision and realize inspired hardware products of timeless integrity.

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    LundbergDesign is a design and strategy firm based in Stockholm. We are working within the fields of industrial design, destination design, transportation design and brand strategy.

  16. Cobalt Design

    Cobalt Design

    Cobalt Design is an award-winning product design and engineering consultancy based in Melbourne. Cobalt has over 20 years of experience in developing innovative products across a range of industries including consumer, medical and scientific, technology, transport and sport & leisure.

  17. 4d Products

    4d Products

    As one of the leading product design agencies in the UK, our team of talented, experienced and innovative designers looks to drive success into your product through creative expertise and commercial market awareness. Having worked with large blue-chip companies like Siemens, Sony, Arm and Octopus Energy, we know what it takes to develop dynamic solutions for challenging problems in both commercial and industrial markets.

  18. Fractal


    Fractal is a product development firm committed to the creation of forward-thinking products with clients that share our values of candor, agility, and creativity.

  19. Techcreators


    Techcreators is one of Australia's leading product design studios. We focus on the development of new and emerging technologies and specialize in the creation of highly technical, electronic products from idea to mass production. We offer a turnkey solution that engages a human-centered design approach across the disciplines of industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering for hardware startups, Medical, IoT, wearable tech and consumer device companies.

  20. Henning Product Development

    Henning Product Development

    Henning Product Development has over 20 years of experience in new product development, product design, market research, proof-of-concept models, aesthetic models, and pre-production validation models for consumer products and medical equipment device manufacturers. We have made prototypes and presentation models for buyers at top retailers including The Home Depot, Lowe's, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and more. We have also made pre-production functional parts that look like they come right off the assembly line for plumbing, lighting, medical and recreational products.

  21. Kaber


    Kaber leverages two decades of design and manufacturing experience to help partners realize cost effective solutions to new product development.

  22. Deap Design

    Deap Design

    Deap Design is an industrial design and product strategy firm focused on bringing innovative and exciting products to market - always looking for a way to make new ideas possible. We are as passionate about innovations within the manufacturing capabilities as we are about creating great new experiences for the user. Founded by seasoned industrial designers Anna-Pia and Erich Slothower, the firm works closely with its clients to provide a complete design solution. We develop product strategies and road-maps, concept sketches, mock-ups, sculpted 3D files, renderings, as well as creative input for engineering and manufacturing solutions.

  23. Alquemy


    Alquemy is a boutique design studio of product experts, with a unique ability to bring new understanding and perspective to its client's problems. We design iconic products, transforming uncertainty into opportunity. We lead our clients through a proven product development framework, designed to achieve business objectives and deliver value by creating meaningful and differentiated products.

  24. Spark Innovations

    Spark Innovations

    Spark Innovations is an award-winning industrial design company specializing in the development of innovative products and inventions. Spark Innovation's professional team has taken thousands of products from the early stages of an idea to the mass market.

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    Tamooz Creative Solutions

    Tamooz is focused on developing innovative and functional designs. We create concepts that are efficiently translated into consumer products.

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    CORdesign Studio

    CORdesign offers products and visual communications that resonate functionally and culturally, helping our clients build strong customer relationships with our professional designers and their extensive experience in the industry for many years.

  27. In Spirit Design

    In Spirit Design

    In Spirit is a crew of uniquely talented designers, with an implicated president. We leave at one of the most step forward city in Europe Madrid. Our core skills are industrial design, graphic design an brand strategy.

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    Orama is an design firm specializing in the design of products for mass production and/or mass consumption since 2002.

  29. ergo:DESIGN


    ergo:DESIGN provides strategic design consultancy services. It partners with client companies helping them to design, develop and bring meaningful products to market. It provides strategic advising on market challenges, strategic evaluation of brand identity and enables translation of idea to business. It serves consumer durables, capital goods, healthcare, retail, packaging and children's product industries.

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    Taga is an award-winning product design and development firm, specializing in medical devices, consumer products and professional equipment.