Industrial Design Companies

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    Maform creates game-changing products and experiences by understanding the latest design and technology trends.

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    Industrial design studio based in Singapore. We are retailing and designing our own products since 2003. Our products are available at the most Apple shops.

  3. Umbra


    Umbra is a global housewares product design company. We bring thought and creativity to everyday items through original design.

  4. Verdesta


    Verdesta is a young company of like-minded experienced professionals with a passion for industrial design and engineering. Working on the project - from the consumer devices to the complex medical equipment - we focus on the intuitive interaction with the product so that sophisticated devices became easy to use. As a team, we believe that aesthetics, emotions, and usability have a great impact on the product, so our physical modeling process, as well as mechanic, electronic, and software design, have a strong accent on user experience.

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    Design Momentum

    Design Momentum is a product design studio based in Sydney, Australia. We can transform your ideas into innovative, feasible products.We have over 25 years experience in bringing consumer and medical products to realization,working closely with our clients to arm them with market-ready, competitive design solutions.

  6. Bortz Product Design

    Bortz Product Design

    Bortz Product Design offers the total industrial design service - from concept to implementation. We can manage the entire design process for you or provide assistance in one or more areas.

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    Formation Design Group

    Formation creates innovative products for a diverse range of clients. Our focus is new product innovation with an emphasis on challenging assignments. We prefer to work on difficult problems, becoming involved early and remaining engaged until solutions stand on their own.



    ART-KON-TOR was founded in 1991 and is located in the city of Jena in the middle of the so called 'Green Heart' of Germany, Thuringia. The agency group, with its 55 open-minded people, is specialized on marketing, product design and engineering processes of medical devices and life science technologies, be it a microscope or a full body scanner.

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    CHOi Design

    CHOi Design is a full-service product and industrial design firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. We unite creativity, strategy, and engineering to generate the products that will establish you as a leader in the marketplace.

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    Creatorz Deitz

    Creatorz Deitz is a multidisciplinary design company based in Geneva, Switzerland. We are a small team of creatives with various background and experiences.

  11. Held and Team

    Held + Team

    Held+Team was founded 1997 and is currently based in Hamburg. The company is focused on medical equipment. More than 500 realized projects for companies located all over Europe, US, China and Japan.

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    Touch360 is a product and service design firm. We help clients design everything about products and services that customers perceive, use, and relate to, seamlessly integrated through a holistic approach and outside-in design process.

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    Piu Products

    One essential aspect of our effectiveness is the highly diversified spectrum of clients we serve. Ranging from the automation industry to dental healthcare, we implemented a vast portfolio of successful projects. This ingenuity creates synergies and cross-over effects, delivering innovative and feasible ideas, drafts and, ultimately, successful products for our customers.

  14. Hatch Duo

    Hatch Duo

    Founded by an award winning team with over 20 years of combined product design experience, Hatch Duo designs compelling product experiences for growing brands. Our deep expertise and proven track record should assure any client, large or small, that each project will be thoughtfully designed and meticulously delivered.

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    Librus Design

    Librus Industrial Design & Product Development provides inspirational and pragmatic design and engineering solutions in plastics, double-component materials and textiles. Librus holistic approach ensures that from concept through design, engineering, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and, most important "use" the product works. Librus designs are known for their simplicity, cleverness, precision and quality.

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    NewEdge is a unique consultancy that drives innovation in business and brand through a variable blend of creative design, business strategy and disruptive research. We define innovation visions, create strategic growth platforms and deliver innovative solutions. We turn standard processes on their heads through a series of Disruptive tools that are designed to articulate the unarticulated, explore the extremities and uncover breakthrough propositions.

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    Yuval Tal

    Yuval Tal is an industrial design studio engaged in design and development of new products in different fields.

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    Design Directive

    Product design and development firm specializing in strategic realization of innovative products that capitalize on emerging market opportunities. DDI offers comprehensive array of services including product design, prototyping, design validation, tooling, technical documentation, and product marketing.

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    SoMA collaborates with Startups and Fortune 50 companies to develop memorable products that redefine markets and the use experience. Our product development methodology, manufacturing logistics and our knowledge of regulatory compliance help our Pacific Rim clients deliver technically feasible, operationally viable, and commercially successful products.

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    TXS Industrial Design

    TXS Industrial Design is a product design firm based in Dallas, Texas. With over twenty years of experience, TXS has provided design services for consumer product, telecommunications, transportation, medical and graphic design industries.

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    Innovative contemporary design manufacture of home and office accessories that challenges conventional thinking.

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    Alchemy Labs

    With over 2 decades of international product design experience, Alchemy Labs combines industrial design, production engineering, and brand strategy expertise with originality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail to produce innovative designs.

  23. Yetman and Co.

    Yetman & Co.

    Yetman & Co. is an industrial design and engineering firm focused on workplace solutions. Founded by Todd Yetman, our process and practice are all about designing ideas that work - for users and our manufacturing partners.

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    Rain Design

    Rain Design, headquartered in San Francisco, California, was founded in 2002 with the vision of creating cool and comfortable products.

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    Danese advance in their research in the two most significant areas of experience of their long production history: the world of work and that of light.

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    Built NY

    Built NY, Inc is a design-focused accessories company with a simple mission to create smarter and better-looking consumer products. Built NY specializes in making innovative and proprietary cases, bags and totes such as their byobag line. The products have made Fortune Magazine's list of the top 25 new products of the year, and in both 2004 and 2005 Built NY's Bags received a Gold Award for Industrial Design Excellence.