Architectural Photographers

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  1. StudioSZ


    StudioSZ is a Shanghai-based photography studio focusing on architecture and interiors. Led by Justin Szeremeta, an architect who previously spent over a decade designing and delivering large-scale commercial projects across the region, StudioSZ works throughout China and the Asia region, taking on photography assignments ranging from high-rise buildings, mixed-use developments, office buildings, cultural projects, retail developments, as well as workplace interiors.

  2. Felix Mooneeram

    Felix Mooneeram

    Felix Mooneeram is a freelance photographer from the UK. His work focuses on the design, architecture and lifestyles found in the built environment.

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    Floto Warner

    Jeremy Floto and Cassandra Warner are principals in the New York-based photography studio Floto+Warner. The husband-and-wife team has received critical acclaim for their architectural photography.

  4. Seth Powers

    Seth Powers

    Seth Powers is an architecture and interiors photographer based in Shanghai, China. He shoots architectural and interior spaces throughout China and Asia.

  5. Scott Burrows

    Scott Burrows

    Australian architectural photographer Scott Burrows has been photographing architecture and design since 1999. He is a new generational photographer, fusing years of experience photographing architecture on film and technical cameras with modern day digital capture and workflow. It has equipped him with a skill set that combines a methodical and measured approach as well as being highly creative with the freedom that the digital realm permits.

  6. Gu Shi Yin

    Gu Shi Yin

    Gu is a photographer and filmmaker whose work tell stories in architecture and design, of both creations and the creators.

  7. Lucas Finlay

    Lucas Finlay

    Lucas Finlay is a Vancouver based photographer specializing in architecture and interior design.

  8. Dirk Weiblen

    Dirk Weiblen

    Dirk Weiblen is a German photographer based in Shanghai, China, since 2004. Trained as an architect with over 15 years of practical experience, Dirk Weiblen's work is characterized by a clear understanding of architectural concepts and spaces the designers aimed to provide. His work focuses on reinforcing those qualities through representing them through the photographic work.

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    Adam Coupe

    Adam Coupe Architectural Photography provides an exceptional digital commercial photography and architectural photography service.

  10. Russell Dalby

    Russell Dalby

    Russell Dalby is an architectural and interior design photographer based in Squamish, BC.

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    Janet Kimber

    Toronto based architecture photographer who travels the country photographing residential, commercial, institutional and industrial projects.

  12. Will Boase

    Will Boase

    Will Boase is a Netherlands-based architectural and documentary photographer. His fine art background is visible in his sculptural approach to buildings, which are portrayed without manipulation as monumental occupants of space.

  13. Alan Williams

    Alan Williams

    Alan Williams a London based photographer. Alan's speciality is architectural photography and much of his work has appeared in magazines such as Blueprint, Architecture Today, Grand Designs, The Observer and Abitare.

  14. Gillian Jackson

    Gillian Jackson

    Gillian Jackson is a commercial and editorial architectural and interiors photographer based in Toronto; established in 2005. Working closely with designers, hoteliers, builders and architects; Gillian strives to not only capture the space but to tell the story within it.

  15. Scagliola Brakkee

    Scagliola Brakkee

    Daria Scagliola and Stijn Brakkee are a photographer duo specialized in architectural photography. Their lasting collaboration is successful due to their joint ambition to combine artistic and technically high-end reports of almost any plan or project. Their strength lies in translating architectural and urban plans into powerful and attractive photography.

  16. Stephan Julliard

    Stephan Julliard

    Stephan Julliard is a Paris-based photographer specialised in interiors and portraits. He also documents the projects of renowned decorators like Jean-Louis Deniot and Kelly Wearstler, and accepts marketing and PR commissions from hotels, restaurants and boutiques.

  17. Adrian Valle

    Adrian Valle

    Los Angeles architectural and interior design photographer with over 20 years of experience. Adrian's eye for composition, lighting skills, technical background and attention to detail make him a highly respected architectural photographer. His work appeared in over 50 magazines in USA and Europe.

  18. Aaron Kraft

    Aaron Kraft

    Aaron Kraft is an architectural, interiors, and fine art photographer based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.