Architectural Photographers

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  1. Troy Campbell

    Troy Campbell

    Troy Campbell is a Miami based photographer with 19 years experience shooting interiors, architecture, resorts and furniture catalogs.

  2. Jeffrey Totaro

    Jeffrey Totaro

    Jeffrey Totaro is a professional architectural photographer based in Philadelphia, PA. Jeffrey is a former architect and engineer who switched to photography in 1996.

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    Matthew Dula

    Matthew Dula is an interior and exterior architectural photographer for architects and developers.

  4. Cleary O'Farrell

    Cleary O'Farrell

    Cleary O'Farrell is a photographer specializing in architecture, interiors, and commercial spaces. Cleary uses a combination of natural and artificial light to artistically capture indoor and outdoor spaces. Every single image is meticulously light-painted and crafted with expert attention to detail.

  5. Lisa Petrole

    Lisa Petrole

    Lisa Petrole is a Canadian/American freelance photographer specializing in interior design, architectural, and lifestyle photography.

  6. AJ Brown

    AJ Brown

    AJ Brown is an architectural photographer based in Illinois but services cities across the Midwest.

  7. Dennis Hill

    Dennis Hill

    Dennis Hill is a classically trained photographer specializing in contemporary and historic built environment. Working in California, Nevada and Arizona, Dennis Hill has been creating award winning images for 20+ years.

  8. Gilles Lauzon

    Gilles Lauzon

    Gilles is a Montreal based photographer, working throughout Canada for hotels, restaurants, architects, designers.

  9. Miranda Estes

    Miranda Estes

    Miranda Estes is a Seattle-based architectural photographer documenting built work for interior designers, architects, landscape architects and garden designers.

  10. Graham D Holland

    Graham D Holland

    Architecture photographer in London and Oxfordshire. Working on retail, offices, commercial and residential architectural photography projects.

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    Richard Powers

    Photographer specialising in interiors, architecture & lifestyle working internationally. Contributing to magazines worldwide.

  12. Joshua White

    Joshua White

    Joshua White is a Los Angeles based photographer specializing in the documentation of art and architecture. He has photographed the vibrant Los Angeles art and architecture scene for the last fifteen years, and has contributed to numerous periodicals and books.

  13. Adam Rouse

    Adam Rouse

    Adam Rouse is an architecture and design photographer based in San Francisco, California. Seeing the world through the lens of a photographer and the eye of a trained architect, Adam brings a unique focus to the visual exploration of each assignment.

  14. Alan Tansey

    Alan Tansey

    Alan Tansey documents architecture, interiors and installations in the photographic medium. His photographic work has been published in international magazines, journals, and numerous web publications.

  15. Robert Miller

    Robert Miller

    Robert Miller provides interiors and architectural photography across the Washington, DC metro area. Miller works with architects, home builders, interior designers, and commercial businesses to create exceptional images that capture the feeling of being in the spaces they have designed and built.

  16. Aaron Radford

    Aaron Radford

    With over ten years of experience in the photography sphere, Aaron finds the aesthetically engaging in contemporary architecture. Paying special attention to symmetry & form, he is well known for his sunset & twilight imagery. Located in Waikato, he travels all over New Zealand for projects.

  17. Gibeon Photography

    Gibeon Photography

    Gibeon Photography, founded by Peter & Kelley Gibeon and based in Montana, specializes in luxury architectural and interior design photography.

  18. Luca Piffaretti

    Luca Piffaretti

    Luca Piffaretti is a London based architectural and interior photographer producing iconic images for architects, designers, developers and other practices in the built environment. Committed to collaboration, his photographic style enhances the unique vision of each client he works for.

  19. BoysPlayNice


    BoysPlayNice was founded in 2008 by Jakub Skokan and Martin Tůma. The studio focuses on architectural, still life and conceptual photography.

  20. Donal Murphy

    Donal Murphy

    Donal Murphy has always specialised in contemporary architecture and interiors photography for architects, designers, contractors, engineers, and others who require images of the constructed environment. Based in Dublin, his work is regularly featured in design publications, and he loves nothing more than travelling for assignments.

  21. Joao Morgado

    Joao Morgado

    Joao Morgado is an architectural photographer based in Portugal and since 2007 he has been working with some of the most respected architects in Portugal and abroad.

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    Andrew Hendry

    Based in Ipswich, Andrew Hendry operates throughout the UK and abroad. Specialising in quality architectural and interiors photography.