Architectural Photographers

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  1. Andy Perkins

    Andy Perkins

    Andy Perkins is an architectural & interior photographer based in the UK and working worldwide.

  2. 11H45


    11H45 is an architectural photography service based in Paris, France.

  3. Charles Davis Smith

    Charles Davis Smith

    Charles Davis Smith is a Dallas, Texas based architectural photographer specializing in award winning images for the design professional.

  4. Aubrie Pick

    Aubrie Pick

    Aubrie is a San Francisco based photographer. She specializes in Food, Interiors, Portraits, Lifestyle, and Travel photography.

  5. blank

    Antoine Icard

    Antoine Icard is a French experienced photographer based in Shanghai for more than six years. I speak fluent Chinese and have my own studio.

  6. Daniel Weylie

    Daniel Weylie

    Daniel Weylie works with architects, builders, designers, construction supply companies throughout Ontario and beyond to create dynamic images for their entire marketing spectrum.

  7. Tom Rossiter

    Tom Rossiter

    As a photographer, a registered architect and a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, Tom Rossiter's images reflect his experience as a maker and a lover of history, nature, culture and architecture. Through his commissioned work, Rossiter tells powerful architectural stories through the eyes of the architects for awards, publications, and presentations.

  8. Chris Cooper

    Chris Cooper

    Chris Cooper is a New York-based architectural and interiors photographer whose work regularly appears in architecture and design publications worldwide.

  9. Dirk Verwoerd

    Dirk Verwoerd

    With over 35 years of professional experience, the Dutch photographer Dirk Verwoerd (1957) breathes his profession, knowing in a blink of an eye what the best viewpoints are and the optimal light intensity needed to deliver the most exquisite results on camera. Driven by his passion for architecture, he has specialized in architectural photography for the past twenty years.

  10. Gilbert McCarragher

    Gilbert McCarragher

    London-based Gilbert McCarragher photographs around the world for architects, designers and brands. Gilbert's work is published widely and features in books and magazines such as El Croquis, Domus and John Pawson's Plain Space.

  11. Jean Bai

    Jean Bai

    Jean Bai is an architecture and interiors photographer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She photographs for architecture, construction and interior design professionals alongside her personal work in abstract fine art photography.

  12. Cleary O'Farrell

    Cleary O'Farrell

    Cleary O'Farrell is a photographer specializing in architecture, interiors, and commercial spaces. Cleary uses a combination of natural and artificial light to artistically capture indoor and outdoor spaces. Every single image is meticulously light-painted and crafted with expert attention to detail.

  13. Tim Bies

    Tim Bies

    Tim Bies is a Seattle-based photographer specializing in architecture and interiors. A graduate of Detroit's Center for Creative Studies Commercial and Fine Art Photography programs, his experience working with world-renowned architectural photographer Balthazar Korab as well as having served as staff photographer for Olson Kundig Architects for over a decade have helped shape his unique view and approach.

  14. Ben Blossom

    Ben Blossom

    Ben Blossom is a photographer who explores and documents our built environment, people and places.

  15. blank

    John Muggenborg

    John Muggenborg photographs interior and exterior architecture for designers, architects and publishers. His photographs have helped architects, landscape, and lighting designers win awards for their work.

  16. Graham D Holland

    Graham D Holland

    Architecture photographer in London and Oxfordshire. Working on retail, offices, commercial and residential architectural photography projects.

  17. John Sutton

    John Sutton

    John Sutton has been providing professional photographic services to the architectural, interior design, advertising and hospitality industries for thirty-five years.

  18. Evan Joseph

    Evan Joseph

    Evan Joseph is one of New York's leading architectural photographers, capturing the city and its landmarks in glowing compositions of light and color.

  19. Luca Piffaretti

    Luca Piffaretti

    Luca Piffaretti is a London based architectural and interior photographer producing iconic images for architects, designers, developers and other practices in the built environment. Committed to collaboration, his photographic style enhances the unique vision of each client he works for.

  20. Jennifer Hughes

    Jennifer Hughes

    Jennifer Hughes is a photographer specializing in contemporary residential interiors and lux hotels, worldwide. Her keen eye for unique angles, contrast, and pattern - make her sought after by clients seeking imagery that is highly graphic and grounded in design.

  21. blank

    Ron Johnson

    Photographer Ron Johnson at Studio 3301 specializes in photography of architecture and interior design in Denver, Colorado and travels throughout the western US taking professional photographs for commercial and residential purposes.

  22. Lesley Unruh

    Lesley Unruh

    Lesley Unruh is a lifestyle, still-life and interiors photographer based in New York City.

  23. Will Austin

    Will Austin

    Will Austin is a Seattle-based commercial photographer specializing in industrial, architecture, construction and editorial imagery.