Architectural Photographers

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  1. Calvin Owen Jones Photography

    Calvin Owen Jones Photography

    Calvin Owen Jones specializes in architectural, aviation and fine art photography. He's based in Vancouver, BC and is available for photography projects throughout Western Canada and beyond.

  2. Christophe Bénard

    Christophe Bénard

    Christophe Bénard is an Alberta-based photographer specializing in architecture and interior design. His imagery highlights space, perspective and the interaction of people with the designs. Works in Edmonton, Calgary and beyond.

  3. Julia Bewcyk

    Julia Bewcyk

    Julia Bewcyk is a Toronto-based commercial and editorial photographer specializing in interiors & architectural photography.

  4. Tim Van Asselt

    Tim Van Asselt

    Tim Van Asselt is an architectural photographer specializing in lifestyle interiors and luxury residences currently based out of Seattle, Washington.

  5. Nick De Clercq

    Nick De Clercq

    Nick De Clercq is an accredited photographer specializing in photography for architects, interior designers, luxury real estate brokerages, luxury resort and hotel industry, tourism industry, as well as landscape photography.

  6. Brandon Marsh

    Brandon Marsh

    Brandon Marsh is an award-winning advertising photographer based out of Kitchener, Ontario specializing in architecture, interiors, food, product, and lifestyle photography.

  7. Simon Lachapelle

    Simon Lachapelle

    Simon Lachapelle is a Montreal-based photographer specializing in architecture and street photography, with an interest in landscape and photojournalism.

  8. Mariell Lind Hansen

    Mariell Lind Hansen

    Mariell Lind Hansen is a Norwegian photographer based in London and works with high end properties as well as artistic spaces.

  9. Kevin Jamieson

    Kevin Jamieson

    Based in the Sea to Sky corridor, Kevin Jamieson works with architects and designers to document their built spaces. We work to tell the narrative of your design through photography.

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    Morgan Howarth

    Morgan Howarth Photography is a full service commercial digital photographer located in Reston, Virginia and Washington, DC. We have been shooting for over 25 years and specialize in state of the art digital photography and digital retouching for the catalog, stock, editorial and advertising industries.

  11. Benoit Florençon

    Benoit Florençon

    Benoit Florençon specializes in architectural and design photography. From retail spaces to scenography and public or private interiors, his work focuses on space, materials and design details.

  12. Ryan Hainey

    Ryan Hainey

    Ryan Hainey is a traveling architecture and design photographer with experience in commercial and residential projects.

  13. Peter Kubilus

    Peter Kubilus

    Peter Kubilus is an architectural photographer based in New York with nearly ten years of experience shooting architecture and interiors.

  14. Kim Rodgers

    Kim Rodgers

    Kim Rodgers is a Los Angeles based architectural photographer and lover of modern design. Her design obsession began in 2007 when she started her career in the architectural world as a Marketing Coordinator at a prominent Los Angeles firm specializing in commercial interiors. In this role she learned just how important it was to have exceptional imagery of completed projects. With a background in architectural marketing and a keen eye for powerful imagery, Kim's goal is to tell the story of your design intent.

  15. Panic Studio LA

    Panic Studio LA

    Founded in 2008 by principal photographer Kelly Barrie, Panic Studio LA is a full service photographic studio in Los Angeles that specializes in architecture and art documentation. The company manages a diverse client list that ranges from individuals to large corporations.

  16. Elisif Brandon

    Elisif Brandon

    Elisif Photography works with people in the building industry who want to capture the beauty of their buildings in high quality images. We deliver interior and exterior photographs of beautiful color and clarity with exceptional customer service for a range of clients including both commercial and residential.

  17. Oleg March

    Oleg March

    Oleg March is a commercial photographer with 20 years of experience; his work has been published in various national and industry magazines.

  18. Kyle Jeffers

    Kyle Jeffers

    Kyle Jeffers photographs architecture, interiors, and design-related subjects for a variety of clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

  19. Erika Brown Edwards

    Erika Brown Edwards

    Erika Edwards is a graduate from the University of North Texas with a B.F.A. in Photography. Edwards has an excellent understanding of working with architects and designers as well as the marketing processes involved in architecture firms.

  20. Kyle Zirkus

    Kyle Zirkus

    Kyle Zirkus is a Phoenix, Arizona based photographer, who specializes in architectural and interior photography.

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    Thierry Cardineau

    Thierry Cardineau is a London based interiors & architectural photographer working across the UK and internationally.