Architectural Photographers

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    Not Guilty Atelier

    Photography for design consultancies, architects and interior designers, documenting residential, commercial and public architecture. Working internationally with bases in London and Helsinki.

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    Chibi Moku

    We are the darndest hard workin' little cinematography duo in the world. We travel all over the world capturing content for architects, interior designers, & out-of-the-box thinkin' property owners.

  3. Richard Southall

    Richard Southall

    Richard Southall is a renowned architectural photographer based in Birmingham UK. He shoots images for the leisure (bars, hotels, casinos, restaurants & clubs), residential, retail and construction industries.

  4. Quintin Lake

    Quintin Lake

    Quintin Lake is a professional architectural photographer trained as an architect, based in London, UK.

  5. Franz Rabe

    Franz Rabe

    Franz Rabe is situated in South Africa and specializes in architectural & interior photography, as well as corporate lifestyle photography.

  6. Jonathan Sage

    Jonathan Sage

    Jonathan Sage is an architecture and interiors photographer who enjoys close collaboration with fellow creatives, producing authentic and original photography to showcase their marvelous designs. Jonathan is commissioned by architects, interior designers, developers, engineers, lighting designers, carpenters and joiners to create imagery for their portfolio and marketing purposes. Other commissions include editorial and advertising for lifestyle and trade publications, as well as office identity and portrait photography.

  7. David Sievers Photography

    David Sievers Photography

    Known for his simple yet striking compositions and attention to detail, David Sievers is one of South Australia's most awarded photographers. Together with partner Cathy Schultz, David works across a range of fields including architecture, food, advertising and people.

  8. Peter Aaron

    Peter Aaron

    Photography of architecture and interiors specializing in residences, commercial buildings, schools and other interiors.

  9. Alexandra Timpau

    Alexandra Timpau

    Alexandra Timpau is a trained architect and architectural photographer interested in documenting the built environment in a raw and unfiltered manner. Fascinated by the process of building but also by the interaction between structures and their inhabitants, she believes context is important and that buildings should be presented with all the clutter and complexity that people bring to them.

  10. Julian Parkinson

    Julian Parkinson

    Julian Parkinson works with architects, construction companies and interior designers who have come to trust his creative direction to produce high-quality images for their marketing, awards submissions, documenting and project bidding purposes.

  11. Robert Lowdon

    Robert Lowdon

    As a Toronto architectural photographer, Robert Lowdon photographs the cities' stunning buildings. From the iconic, 147-story CN Tower to the historic Old City Hall, with its Romanesque grandeur, there is no shortage of architectural beauty in this city. As a photographer and resident, I am immersed in the city's beauty on a daily basis, and have had the pleasure of photographing many of its unique, eye-catching buildings and structures.

  12. Christophe Bénard

    Christophe Bénard

    Christophe Bénard is an Alberta-based photographer specializing in architecture and interior design. His imagery highlights space, perspective and the interaction of people with the designs. Works in Edmonton, Calgary and beyond.

  13. Attilio Fiumarella

    Attilio Fiumarella

    Attilio Fiumarella is a Vancouver based interior and architectural photographer. His work has been published in magazines, books and on-line platforms devoted to architecture and design.

  14. Julia Bewcyk

    Julia Bewcyk

    Julia Bewcyk is a Toronto-based commercial and editorial photographer specializing in interiors & architectural photography.

  15. Calvin Owen Jones Photography

    Calvin Owen Jones Photography

    Calvin Owen Jones specializes in architectural, aviation and fine art photography. He's based in Vancouver, BC and is available for photography projects throughout Western Canada and beyond.

  16. Brandon Marsh

    Brandon Marsh

    Brandon Marsh is an award-winning advertising photographer based out of Kitchener, Ontario specializing in architecture, interiors, food, product, and lifestyle photography.

  17. Simon Lachapelle

    Simon Lachapelle

    Simon Lachapelle is a Montreal-based photographer specializing in architecture and street photography, with an interest in landscape and photojournalism.

  18. Leeworkstudio


    Leeworkstudio is dedicated to bringing professional guidance and budget conscious architectural and interior photography to it's clients. The Studio, based in Toronto, was started by Katrina Lee after several years living in Denmark, where she extensively photographed the urban landscape of Copenhagen as an integral part of city planning projects. Katrina's photography has been used in publications, and in award winning interior design competitions.

  19. Nick De Clercq

    Nick De Clercq

    Nick De Clercq is an accredited photographer specializing in photography for architects, interior designers, luxury real estate brokerages, luxury resort and hotel industry, tourism industry, as well as landscape photography.