Design Studios in Australia

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  1. Frost Design

    Frost Design

    Frost Design is an independent creative studio of 30 people. Founded in London and now based in Sydney, Frost Design is an interdisciplinary creative studio that works seamlessly across a variety of media for a diverse range of international clients.

    category Multidisciplinary Design Studios

  2. LAVA


    The Laboratory for Visionary Architecture seeks to continually define new boundaries in the creation of architectural visions and city space. LAVA's research and design focus allows the evolution of architectural and urban design outcomes inaccessible through traditional methodologies.

    category Architectural Design Studios

  3. Depot Creative

    Depot Creative

    Depot Creative is an award winning, Sydney based, packaging design agency that believes the strongest brands are powered by great design. At Depot we do much more than create 'pretty' packaging. We get brands noticed. We make choice simpler. We shape the way people interact, engage and experience products through innovative form and packaging design. Moreover, we convert casual browsers into coveted buyers, improving your bottom line while raising your brand awareness.

    category Package Design Studios

  4. Steppenwolf Design

    Steppenwolf Design

    Founded in 2012, Steppenwolf Design brings creative and innovative solutions to our spaces, our homes, our offices, and our cities. Established in Paris and Melbourne, our designers create with the idea of making timeless and high quality products in limited series. Living better with less is what we aspire to. For that reason, all of our designs aim for aesthetic sobriety, functionality, and durability.

    category Multidisciplinary Design Studios

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    Local Peoples

    Local Peoples is a Melbourne based brand communications agency founded by Giuseppe Demaio in Melbourne in 2009. We are passionate brand designers who love helping brands inspire their audience through crafting experiences and story which will leave an impression.

    category Branding Design Studios

  6. Evie Group

    Evie Group

    Evie Group is a multidisciplinary design studio located in Sydney's Balmain East. Co-founded in 2010 by industrial designers Alex Gilmour and Dominic Chong, the duo has evolved Evie Group into a growing design consultancy offering product and graphic design services and showroom retailing their design collection, Evie.

    category Industrial Design Studios

  7. Tomoya and Co.

    Tomoya & Co.

    Tomoya & Co. is run by Chris Tomoya James - a Melbourne based interior designer and registered building practitioner. Chris is passionate about timeless aesthetics coupled with emergent technologies and manufacturing methods.

    category Interior Design Studios

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    Toast Creative

    We are branding and design specialists working across a diverse range of industries. We describe ourselves as a dynamic collective of creative artists, strategists, boundary pushers and big-picture thinkers. Our individual talents align to ensure our work engages inspires, and challenges perceptions. Our thirst for exploration affords us a broad knowledge that keeps us fresh, passionate and creatively unpredictable. Our ethos is to exceed our client's expectations and this philosophy has enabled us to nurture relationships that enjoy longevity.

    category Multidisciplinary Design Studios

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    With a holistic approach that unifies creative concept, design and direction, together with world class visual effects, animation and post facilities, Resin is redefining the typical model for production. The studio employs a diverse cross section of talent incorporating the skills of live action and CGI direction, design, visual effects, animation and editorial and collaborates with some of the finest directors, DOP's, and sound studios to create truly compelling and distinctive work.

    category Broadcast Design Studios

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    The Hope Factory

    The Hope Factory is a Melbourne web design agency which helps small to medium sized business owners grow their businesses online. Our service offering revolves around designing, protecting and growing digital assets for business owners.

    category Web Design Studios

  11. Ilanel Design Studio

    Ilanel Design Studio

    Ilanel Design Studio specializes in the design and production of bespoke lighting. The studio offers a collection of highly distinct designs to illuminate a wide variety of spaces from hotels, restaurants and clubs, to communal office spaces and homes.

    category Lighting Design Studios

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    Nude Design Studio

    Nude Design Studio is like a well traveled, rounded individual that boasts, unusually, a marriage of design creativity and business nous - one of the founding partners w as a solicitor, the other is an artist and established graphic designer.

    category Graphic Design Studios

  13. Creator Global

    Creator Global

    Creator Global is an industrial design agency for the Internet of Things transforming business for the worlds biggest brands. We design, prototype and manufacture connected products and IoT experiences.

    category Industrial Design Studios

  14. Onepointsix


    Onepointsix use state of the art product design, industrial design technology combined with years of product development and custom design experience to take the ideas out of your head and into your hands.

    category Industrial Design Studios

  15. Denton Corker Marshall

    Denton Corker Marshall

    Founded in 1972, Denton Corker Marshall produces innovative and memorable architecture and urban design. An interest in experimenting with form, materiality and the way architecture is made contributes to the distinctive architectural language for which the practice is critically acclaimed.

    category Architectural Design Studios

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    Alphabet Studio

    Alphabet is a Sydney-based design practice specialising in visual communication. Predominantly serving arts & entertainment, the partners share expertise in visual identity, brand identity and development, art direction, and website design.

    category Communication Design Studios

  17. Vert Design

    Vert Design

    Vert Design is a Sydney-based studio and design house led by industrial designer Andrew Simpson. Founded in 2005, the studio operates as a testing ground for new concepts and self-initiated experimentation, as well as offering design concepts, modelling, prototyping and manufacturing to clients from niche boutique brands, to multinational organisations.

    category Industrial Design Studios

  18. Landini Associates

    Landini Associates

    Landini Associates are a team of designers and strategic thinkers from around the world, based in Sydney. Their work tends to be multi-skilled so they practice architecture, interior, graphic, product, furniture and digital design. Most of their projects engage all of these disciplines and currently they are working in Australia, North America, the UK, Korea, China, Hong Kong the UAE and Singapore.

    category Multidisciplinary Design Studios

  19. KORE


    Since 1999, we've been collaborating with creatives, companies and brands from all over the world. The projects we take on blend our passion for art, cultural awareness and a desire to advance society and improve the way we do business.

    category Web Design Studios