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    Matadog Design

    Matadog Design is an award winning branding, packaging and product design firm based in Athens-Greece. Our work targets domestic and global markets as our design firm cooperates with brands around the world.

    Category Package Design Studios

  2. Filippos Fragkogiannis

    Filippos Fragkogiannis

    Filippos Fragkogiannis is an Athens based graphic and communication designer whose focus lies on typography, print design and visual identity. His research and practice revolve around the semantics, symbolism and structure of visual language.

    Category Graphic Designers

  3. is a multi-discipline, research-based, independent design initiative. Located in Athens, Greece, the agency follows an in-depth conceptual procedure based on advanced workflows to reach innovative results in visual communication. The agency covers a wide set of services, from branding, identity, web, packaging identity design, to typeface design and product design, animation, and various other applications for both virtual and physical worlds.

    Category Branding Design Studios

  4. Oxhouse


    Oxhouse Design Studio was founded by award-winning graphic designer Christos Tsoleridis. It offers bespoke graphic design services with a focus on logo design, packaging design and brand identity.

    Category Graphic Design Studios

  5. dede


    Aliki Rovithi and Foant Asour, both industrial designers, founded the Athens-based, award winning, creative studio DEDE DextrousDesign in 2007.

    Category Furniture Design Studios

  6. Mousegraphics


    Mousegraphics is an award-winning creative agency based in Athens, Greece. Working locally and globally, we specialize in creating unique packaging designs for large corporations and individual clients.

    Category Graphic Design Studios

  7. Barault Architects

    Barault Architects

    Barault Architects is an architectural practice based in Athens, Greece. The practice is staffed by architects, designers and engineers whose expertise spans from concept design to construction supervision and turn-key projects.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  8. K-Studio


    K-Studio is a creative practice of 55 architects and interior designers based in central Athens. We create uniquely crafted architectural experiences that are informed by tradition, enriched by materiality, and inspired by contemporary life.

    Category Architectural Design Studios



    EFTEKTON was founded by Emmanuel Fotopoulos & Maria Papadimitriou. ​Since its establishment in 1989, EFTEKTON has been practicing in architecture, engineering & construction projects from small to large scale, throughout Greece.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

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    pi6 is a creative design studio in the field of communication design. Our purpose is to visually explore, create and effectively establish through the design applications, the clients, corporate message and strategy, whether that's the launch of a new product or service or a new target public.

    Category Communication Design Studios

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    Sereal is the home of the sereal designers (and other strange creatures). It is the place we showcase our work in and the place we use to communicate with others through design.

    Category Graphic Design Studios