Designers in the Netherlands

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    SEMdesign is a studio for product and interior design. SEMdesign is found by Dutch designer Sylvie van de Loo. SEMdesign designs user-friendly interior products.

    category Multidisciplinary Designers

  2. Emmy-Koos Meijer

    Emmy-Koos Meijer

    Emmy-Koos Meijer is an Amsterdam based illustrator. Emmy-Koos offers creative services like graphic design, illustration, writing, image research, visualisation, and animation.

    category Illustrators

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    Bart Nijssen

    Bart Nijssen is a creative designer from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He holds a degree in industrial design, studied in Eindhoven and Singapore and now he is at the Design Academy Eindhoven masters.

    category Industrial Designers

  4. Aitor Throup

    Aitor Throup

    Aitor Throup is an artist, designer and creative director. Throup's multi-disciplinary design house A.T. Studio collaborates across multiple industries and develops the conceptual clothing brand New Object Research. Both the studio and the brand are committed to imagining and creating new ways of telling stories through object design and the creation and production of related materials.

    category Fashion Designers

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    Roland MacDonald

    English illustrator, living in Utrecht. Very diverse portfolio of work all of exceptional quality. Working for print and digital media mostly but with experience in many fields and a history in comics and computer games.

    category Illustrators

  6. Peter Bowen

    Peter Bowen

    Currently based in Amsterdam, Peter Bowen is an illustrator and graphic designer with over thirteen years of experience working for international clients. Sometimes with a slightly dark edge though rarely without a sense of humour, he specializes in both hand-drawn and digital techniques to produce work ranging from detailed illustrations to typography and logos.

    category Illustrators

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    Cristina Ferraz

    As a design strategist consultant I help companies determining what to make and do, why do it and how to innovate contextually, both immediately and over the long term, by leading and executing strategy plans from an holistic, multidisciplinary approach, and focusing on products, services and processes.

    category Multidisciplinary Designers

  8. Madli Silm

    Madli Silm

    Madli Silm is a freelance illustrator based in Amsterdam, working alongside creative studios and individuals to compose animation assets, concept art, picture books, and portraits.

    category Illustrators