Design Studios in Norway

  1. Pivot Produktdesign

    Pivot Produktdesign

    Pivot is an award winning multi-disciplinary design practice. Our team has background in product design, engineering and architecture. We are just as comfortable working with mass produced products as with custom solutions in architecture. A human centered approach is common to all our work.

    Category 3D Design Studios

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    Permafrost designstudio focuses strongly on concept development. Knowing that a clear and recognizable idea is a must for competing in today's market, Permafrost aim to develop strong, innovative concepts for their clients.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  3. Nordic Office of Architecture

    Nordic Office of Architecture

    Nordic is an architecture practice headquartered in Oslo with offices in London and Copenhagen. The practice works globally and has over 35 years experience working across a range of technically complex projects. Nordic's international team has built an enviable reputation for working in diverse sectors including infrastructure, masterplanning, education and healthcare.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

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    Peter Opsvik

    Peter Opsvik AS is a Norwegian design studio, situated in the heart of Oslo. The studio has a strong focus on product design as a mean for solving real-life problems. Core competence is furniture design, interior design, ergonomics, environmental oriented solutions, engineering and communication.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  5. Ralston Bau

    Ralston Bau

    Ralston Bau is an independent design studio decoding the complexity of our world, connecting people and our common spaces through transformative practice. Ralston Bau takes ideas into action and complex questions into essential objects.

    Category Multidisciplinary Design Studios

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    Jarmund Vigsnaes Architects

    Jarmund Vigsnaes Architects was established in 1996 by Einar Jarmund and Hakon Vigsnaes. We are working in a wide architectural range with commissions mainly in Norway but also in other European countries. The majority of our finished works are public buildings and housing projects.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  7. ANTI


    ANTI is established as one of Norway's most award winning agencies with an international network and clients in Oslo, Tokyo, Paris and New York. We have offices in Oslo, Hamar, Bergen and Twin Cities.

    Category Graphic Design Studios

  8. Stinessen Arkitektur

    Stinessen Arkitektur

    Stinessen Arkitektur provides a full range of services including site planning, architectural design, interior design and custom furniture design. We deliver tailor-made projects and products with a fundamental approach to each project of an integral design process and a strong conceptual framework.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

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    Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter

    Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter (HZA) is an Oslo-based practice, established in 2006 by architect and artist Marit Justine Haugen and architect Dan Zohar. The office operates in a field between art and architecture, and emphasizes sustainability through its use of materials, areas of applicability and recycling practices.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  10. K8 Industridesign

    K8 Industridesign

    K8 Industridesign is a team of designers and engineers, offering services within product innovation and business development. We are fearless, playful and responsible when approaching new projects, and work in close cooperation with our partners. This results in smart products improving life, work and society.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  11. Acorn Design

    Acorn Design

    Acorn Design is a norwegian design company with a global team of award winning industrial designers, graphic designers, product stylists, suppliers and manufactures covering over 12 different countries. Our work is in use globally from the Swedish Emergency Services to the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York and greenhouses in Canada.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

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    Kadabra is the first and only design agency in Norway built on competence from the Industrial Design program at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). We currently consist of five designers, to which we regularly add highly capable and resourceful people for collaboration on projects.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

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    Jensen & Skodvin Architects

    Jan Olav Jensen and Børre Skodvin also set up their practice in 1995. They have completed a wide range of projects for public as well as private clients, mostly building commissions and landscape interventions, but also furniture and urban planning.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  14. Strømme Throndsen Design

    Strømme Throndsen Design

    Strømme Throndsen Design is a solid agency with 9 employees. Our mix of young, promising and skilled, award-winning designers in combination with consultants with customer experience, makes us a strong team. We are ambitious and demanding, both on behalf of ourselves and on behalf of our customers.

    Category Branding Design Studios