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    Hareide Design

    Hareide Design is an international design consultancy with offices in Oslo, Norway and Gothenburg, Sweden. We work with local and international companies, helping them create and bring to market meaningful products, services and experiences.

    category Industrial Design Consultancies

  2. Pivot Produktdesign

    Pivot Produktdesign

    Pivot is an award winning multi-disciplinary design practice. Our team has background in product design, engineering and architecture. We are just as comfortable working with mass produced products as with custom solutions in architecture. A human centered approach is common to all our work.

    category 3D Design Studios

  3. Inventas


    Inventas is one of the largest and most established industrial design companies in Norway, with offices in Trondheim, Molde, Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand and Oslo. We offer services within innovation, product design, service design, product development, engineering, simulation and manufacturing. Our clients include larger Norwegian product owners, startups and international companies.

    category Industrial Design Companies

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    Permafrost designstudio focuses strongly on concept development. Knowing that a clear and recognizable idea is a must for competing in today's market, Permafrost aim to develop strong, innovative concepts for their clients.

    category Industrial Design Studios

  5. Nordic Office of Architecture

    Nordic Office of Architecture

    Nordic is an architecture practice headquartered in Oslo with offices in London and Copenhagen. The practice works globally and has over 35 years experience working across a range of technically complex projects. Nordic's international team has built an enviable reputation for working in diverse sectors including infrastructure, masterplanning, education and healthcare.

    category Architectural Design Studios

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    Bard Eker

    Bard Eker Industrial Design work towards Norwegian and foreign industry, and develops products for Koenigsegg. Stokke, Projectiondesign, Christie, Texas Instruments and other major clients within production of high tech products. Today we count 30 employees with a young and vibrant, high paced work environment.

    category Industrial Design Companies

  7. Comte Bureau

    Comte Bureau

    Comte Bureau creates customer experiences that connect emotionally with people. We are a new breed of consultants who combine social science with design methodology. We use the same approach whether the goal is to rethink a public service, improve a brand concept or design a space. We start with a deep understanding of people - and create solutions responding to their needs.

    category Design Consultancies

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    Peter Opsvik

    Peter Opsvik AS is a Norwegian design studio, situated in the heart of Oslo. The studio has a strong focus on product design as a mean for solving real-life problems. Core competence is furniture design, interior design, ergonomics, environmental oriented solutions, engineering and communication.

    category Industrial Design Studios

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    Kadabra is the first and only design agency in Norway built on competence from the Industrial Design program at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). We currently consist of five designers, to which we regularly add highly capable and resourceful people for collaboration on projects.

    category Industrial Design Studios

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    Jarmund Vigsnaes Architects

    Jarmund Vigsnaes Architects was established in 1996 by Einar Jarmund and Hakon Vigsnaes. We are working in a wide architectural range with commissions mainly in Norway but also in other European countries. The majority of our finished works are public buildings and housing projects.

    category Architectural Design Studios

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    WORK is an agency that builds holistic brands for Norwegian and international clients. Our team covers the fields of product design, graphic design and communication.

    category Multidisciplinary Design Consultancies