1. BIO


    The Biennial of Industrial Design (BIO) is a prestigious international exhibition of industrial design, visual communication and design concepts. It is one of the few events in the world to present, every two years, an expert selection of industrial design products and to promote, through well designed products by Slovene and foreign designers, contemporary trends in world industrial design.

    Category Industrial Design Events

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    Vertigo Bird

    Vertigo Bird is a contemporary Slovenian lighting brand. Its brand values are creating timeless designs suitable for any architectural context, flexibility and custom-made choice, quality and energy efficiency. It transforms ordinary, yet perfectly shaped, forms into unpredictably elegant and functional new designs.

    Category Lighting Manufacturers

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    Museum of Architecture and Design

    The Museum of Architecture and Design is a national Slovene organization for the architecture, industrial design, visual communication and photography. MAO systematically collects, stores and studies materials related to these fields of activity and displays them in temporary and permanent exhibitions, making it possible for visitors to understand the past and the future of architecture, design and photography.

    Category Design Museums

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    Urska Hocevar

    Urska Hocevar is a designer/art director with a focus on communication, regardless of its physical condition, visual, interactive, haptic or environmental, but always in regard of sustainable experiences.

    Category Graphic Designers