New Bosch Power Box Offers Advanced Features

New Bosch Power Box Offers Advanced Features

Bosch recently released the new and upgraded Power Box, an advanced jobsite stereo with a CD player, an MP3 player port, AM/FM radio, and a remote control. The aluminum and rubber roll cage protects the radio unlike any other, withstanding even a ten foot drop. TEAMS Design collaborated with Bosch to execute the new design.

The latest features include an advanced antenna and digital tuner for improved radio reception, a new subwoofer, and four-way speakers that blast high-quality sound in 360 degrees. The small carabineer remote control attaches to a key chain and stores on the Power Box handle.

In addition to playing CDs, MP3s, and iPods (from a protective interior charging station), the Power Box also recharges Bosch power tool batteries, cell phones, and other 12v electrical equipment. The backlit UI was redesigned to be more user-friendly, and rubberized chambers that seal off the buttons and speakers protect the unit from dust and weather conditions.

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