Brandient Designs Packaging for Ubernuts

Brandient Designs Packaging for Ubernuts

Pangram, a leading player on the pasta & snacks market in Romania, decided to enter the packaged nuts & seeds category and needed a new brand for that purpose.

The name Ubernuts is using the German 'uber' - which permeated both English and Romanian vernacular as a cool word for "over, super" - to position the brand as a self proclaimed quality standout, but in a light hearted way.

The multiple meanings of 'nuts' add to the mojo of the brand, aimed primarily at the young demographic.

The unconventional name prompted a logo designed with a custom hand-drawn typography - at the same time naive and eccentric - which inspired a temperamental visual platform.

The package design, created by Brandient, is poking 'Pop Culture' fun at a celebrity-obsessed world, where even the smallest grain in the crowd would dream to become a celebrity, be that a rock musician, a football player, an illusionist, etc.

The vivid neon color is a strong brand property, clearly standing out on the shelf, triggering curiosity and trial and consequently building brand awareness with less effort.