Indygen - Brandient Designs a New Brand for the Digital Natives

Indygen: Brandient Designs a New Brand for the Digital Natives

Brandient recently designed the identity for Indygen, a new telecom brand for the smartly connected generation.

Brandient developed the brand strategy and created the name, the visual identity, the packaging, the typography and all major brand manifestations. The visual identity has been created by Cristian Kit Paul, Creative Partner, who also coordinated the design team, with Senior Designer Ciprian Badalan leading the implementation team.

Indygen challenges common knowledge and takes nothing for granted, not even the idea that a SIM card has a certain aspect and comes packaged in a paper envelope. This is why the Indygen SIM card has an aspect different from anything else, and it comes packaged in a brand-property collectable series of urban-warrior-shaped designer toys.

A custom typeface with three fonts was designed by Brandient to sustain the "unrest" spirit of the brand, including the trademark "Change" symbol as a glyph.

"Why use commercial typefaces when you can create your own? Why go for the bland SIM pack when you can create a collectable designer toy for it? Why have a logo when the style itself can say 'Indygen?' This is not the average target, and we set out to design a striking, albeit very simple brand-one able to say 'Like me!' to the right person," said Cristian Kit Paul, Creative Partner, Brandient.