GSK Shopper Science Lab and Human Performance Lab

GSK Shopper Science Lab and Human Performance Lab

The GlaxoSmithKline have just opened two innovative research centres designed by Pope Wainwright. The Shopper Science Lab is a state-of-the art research facility providing in-depth understanding of how and why shoppers make decisions and what influences their choices.

With 10,000 sq ft filled with groundbreaking technology, the Shopper Science Lab is the biggest facility of its kind in Europe. This includes the world's largest seamless touch-screen that allows researchers to make 3D visualisations of retail environments, as well as skin and facial biometric tools to analyse shopper's subconscious and emotional reactions.

Areas inside the Shopper Science Lab include pharmacy, retail, and focus group environments, in which shopper behaviour can be analysed using mobile eye-tracking equipment and biometric tools. In addition, Pope Wainwright designed collaboration, theatre and seminar spaces.

The multi-discipline design team worked closely with the GSK Shopper Science Lab team to create an all-encompassing design language covering environments, identity, internal communications, signage, facility guides and project co-ordination. The design language and direction reflects both innovation and the science behind the GSK brand.

The Human Performance Lab aims to provide GSK partners with improved training, recovery, nutrition and competition programmes. Pope Wainwright designed the science research facility in London over 14 months, creating a design language that reflects two main themes - industrial performance areas and state of the art science labs.

Bold colours, exposed ceilings, textured material, lighting, photography and graphics come together to create a flexible open plan space, surrounded by science labs. The labs are designed to be simple and future-focused to create a contrast between the two areas.

The research undertaken will asses the limits of human performance, both body and brain, concentrating on the science behind nutrition and developing strength, stamina, cognition, hydration, metabolism and recovery. Insights gathered will be applied to improving the wellbeing of the general population by informing the development of innovative GSK products.

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