PWW Designs GSK's Consumer Healthcare Offices

PWW Designs GSK's Consumer Healthcare Offices

PWW has designed GlaxoSmithKline's Consumer Healthcare Offices, following their recent joint-venture with Novartis.

PWW's office design places Consumer Healthcare at the heart of GSK, and encourages transparency within the brand. There is a balance between public and private spaces, with smart working integration for an efficient working environment. PWW developed principles to create an environment for employees to collaborate, focus and achieve more.

It's a highly branded environment, with the orange GSK logo prominent at the forefront, alongside an exhibition that showcases some of their products within a pharmacy space. This highlights the new range of brands owned by GSK Consumer Healthcare and current advertising and marketing campaigns. The bold and high impact approach draws significant attention to these particular offices at GSK House, and a new emphasis upon Consumer Healthcare.

Surrounding projects rooms are named after selected GSK brands, with the central brand hub as a defined yet open space that represents the core of Consumer Healthcare. It brings together all of the brands and GSK values into one central space, providing an area for interactive engagement and informal meetings within an environment that helps to bring science to life.

Photos: French+Tye


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