Sumsup - PWW Designs an App for the Future Workspace

Sumsup: PWW Designs an App for the Future Workspace

PWW recently created Sumsup, a conceptual workspace app that enables people to communicate more effectively with their colleagues and employers to create a more positive and productive workforce. The app was created in response to PWW's report about the changing face of workspaces.

It's often hard to articulate how you feel and why, especially in a work environment. This makes it even harder for managers and colleagues to monitor and improve emotional well-being, one of the biggest causes of declines in team morale and lost productivity.

Sumsup is a simple tool that connects the dots between what happened during your day and how you feel right now, helping you process emotion and express feeling in an honest and safe way.

How it works

When the user opens the app they are presented with a range of statistics from their day. This gives the user the opportunity to reflect on the various aspects that could add context to why they feel the way they do at that moment.

Next the user is prompted to create a "Sumsup" that is a capture of how their day was. Predetermined content such as key words from the days texts/emails, songs listened to and pictures posted to social media is presented. This can be edited if desired and then shared anonymously with the user's chosen networks. Immediately following the post, a "take-away" in the form of an insight or tip for the day is shown based on learnings from the reflect and Sumsup pages.

Sumsup also works for any type of network you specify - whether it's your friends, your coworkers, or the industry in which you work as a whole.