Seymourpowell Create Packaging for New Superdrug Gift Box Range

Seymourpowell Create Packaging for New Superdrug Gift Box Range

Seymourpowell recently created a new range of gift boxes for Superdrug, the Spåa Retreat range. Superdrug, an AS Watson owned company, challenged Seymourpowell to create the name, brand and packaging to elevate their range of bathroom accessories and unite their gift boxes under a single collection, giving consumers a new, more premium selection of gifting items to choose from.

In previous years Superdrug's gift boxes have been named after the types of products that they contained inside, such as 'the reviving range' or 'mini collection.' Seymourpowell saw an opportunity to introduce a more sophisticated, aspirational quality to the range and bring them together under a new brand. The challenge was to take all the separate elements and structures and create a range that felt high quality yet remained affordable for Superdrug to produce and their customers to buy.

Seymourpowell took their inspiration from the elemental qualities of Scandanavian landscapes and from modern Scandanavian design to instil the range with a sense of absolute quality and premiumness. This can be seen in the minimal colour palette of white and taupe, the clean and elegant lines of the design, an evocative pebble graphic and subtle metallic copper foiling, all of which reference the traditional crafts and natural horizons of Scandinavia. Seymourpowell's name for the range, Spåa Retreat, perfectly encapsulates this clean, Scandinavian aesthetic and brings to mind images of pampering, relaxation and revitalisation.

"Scandinavian design may be widely understood in the design and luxury worlds but it still feels fresh and distinctive to the Superdrug customer," said Igor Astrologo, Design Director at Seymourpowell. "We brought this to all aspects of the range by specifying the highest quality packaging possible and advising Superdrug on material choices and shapes for product packaging that complemented our designs, such as introducing matte finishes to the range and gentle, subtler shoulders to the bottles."