Taxi Studio Rebrands Carlsberg Export

Taxi Studio Rebrands Carlsberg Export

Taxi Studio created the rebranding for Carlsberg Export. Despite boasting a remarkably rich brand history originating in Denmark - the country, which remains home to Carlsberg - their premium beer was struggling to stand for anything in consumers' minds.

Taxi Studio was brought-in to dramatically re-imagine the Brand, elevate its premium beer status and champion its Danish origins - all of which aimed to ultimately drive reappraisal and retrial with consumers.

Working closely and collaboratively with the team at Carlsberg UK, Taxi embarked on a radical redesign inspired by Danish Design; famous for perfectly balancing function and form. In order to stay true to the new Danish-centric positioning, the Studio turned to Denmark's national flag, known as the Dannebrog, to set the standard for Carlsberg Export. This bold, simple design provides a powerful, economic and aesthetically pleasing system that visually grounds the Brand in its Nordic roots.

"Balance is something the Danes do brilliantly and it's something that, together with the great team at Carlsberg UK, we've worked hard to capture in our redesign - by blending premium beer cues with Danish design aesthetic and marrying the warm with the cool, we hope this brave new direction for Carlsberg Export does Denmark proud," commented Spencer Buck, Creative Partner & Founder at Taxi Studio.

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