B&B Studio Delivers a Deliciously Ingenious Rebrand for Genius

B&B Studio Delivers a Deliciously Ingenious Rebrand for Genius

B&B studio recently designed a new brand identity for Free-From Bakery category leader Genius Gluten Free. As the Free-From category moves further into the mainstream, B&B studio has reasserted the brand's position as an established industry leader with a refreshed identity.

Whilst maintaining colour-coding for individual product lines, the Genius Gluten Free range is now unified by a vibrant shade of blue which reflects the Blue Sky Thinking that has led the brand to become a sector leader. Adopting a fresher, cleaner and more contemporary tone befitting the increasingly diverse Free-From market, the brand speaks to a discerning and informed target market.

A refreshed logo reflects the brand's experience in delivering ingenious products of high quality and flavour, with a thought bubble or bitemark to express the imagination, creativity and tastiness of the Genius brand.

B&B studio is working closely with advertising agency St Luke's to relaunch the brand's advertising and communications campaigns. B&B has given flexibility to the logo by introducing a 'packvertising' space: enabling product descriptions on pack and communicating the brand's founding story in wider off-pack communications.

Off-pack, the logo has been adapted into both a bitemark and a thought bubble in visual displays of how Genius can be topped and served, celebrating the myriad ways to enjoy the product range. The campaign simultaneously enforces the brand promise of gluten free, and delivers the message that there is no compromise on taste, aroma and softness.


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