B&B Studio Delivers Identity for New Genius 'Good for the Gut' Range

B&B Studio Delivers Identity for New Genius 'Good for the Gut' Range

B&B studio has unveiled its design for a new 'Good for the Gut' range from Genius Gluten Free. Moving away from the scientific-led design codes often adopted by brands in the Free-From and benefit-led category, B&B studio has introduced a bold, eye-catching color palette for the new range, delivering a dynamic identity incorporating bespoke graphics and illustrations.

Focusing on depth of taste and flavour, B&B studio has created a range of original patterns in-house that take inspiration from the product ingredients, including layers of beetroot and swirls of kale leaves. These designs are presented on brightly-colored backgrounds, providing differentiation for the new range and standout on-shelf.

Building on the new brand identity for Genius Gluten Free delivered by B&B studio in October 2017, this vibrant brand extension incorporates the strong blue hue and instantly recognizable Genius logo, complete with a thought bubble or bitemark to express the imagination, creativity and tastiness of the Genius brand.

By incorporating these familiar brand elements into the identity for the 'Good for the Gut' range, B&B studio was able to retain the consistency of the brand whilst enabling more creative freedom across the wider design. Innovative structural packaging solutions ensure that the new products are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also convenient for the consumer.

"After the success of the new brand identity for Genius Gluten Free last year, we wanted to retain the consistency and recognisability of the brand whilst also creating vivid and engaging designs for the new range, strengthening Genius' position as a market-leader, and enabling it to continue to challenge mainstream brands," commented Shaun Bowen, Creative Partner at B&B studio.

Photos: Courtesy of B&B Studio