B&B Studio Designs New Identity and Packaging for Infinite Session

B&B Studio Designs New Identity and Packaging for Infinite Session

B&B studio has created the name, positioning, identity and packaging for alcohol-free beer brand Infinite Session. Infinite Session has now launched with its first product - a 0.5% pale ale - which is available in cans from Tesco and Marks & Spencer.

While non-alcoholic versions of mainstream beers use blue and silver design codes and pun-based names to alert consumers to their lack of alcohol, dedicated alcohol-free brands turn to wellbeing benefits and language that can come across as smug and sanctimonious. From the start, Infinite Session was keen to avoid such stereotypes with a bold and confident voice and mainstream craft look and feel.

B&B studio chose a positioning for the brand that rises above the decision not to drink alcohol and focuses instead on the experience of enjoying a beer with friends. By understanding that beer is bigger than booze, B&B was able to focus on what Infinite Session delivers - great taste, refreshment and enjoyment - rather than what it lacks. The positioning is reflected in the name Infinite Session, created by B&B to evoke a drinking experience that doesn't have to end.

"For a long time, non-alcoholic alternatives have been positioned as a novelty, often making people feel sheepish about their choice not to drink," explained Shaun Bowen, Creative Partner at B&B studio. "Infinite Session removes this barrier by focusing on the quality of the taste and experience of enjoying a beer with friends. It's not about promoting teetotalism, it's about choice - you can drink Infinite Session all night if you want, or you could swap out a pint during the evening to help you drink less. The point is it's up to you."

With the name as a starting point, B&B was keen to avoid the obvious infinity symbol solution and created instead a bold and modern circular logo that place the brand name in a wheel. On packaging, the logo is expertly placed on a fresh, white background for readability, while the beer type is placed in the centre using characterful type to express its unique personality. Color-coded bands allow for differentiation across the range, while touches of gold bring a premium feel to the brand.

By deliberately creating design that communicates 'beer' rather than 'alcohol-free beer,' B&B is reflecting a strong cultural shift towards the normalization of alcohol alternatives. It is only through the brand's language that its true difference comes to life; the rallying cry 'Beer is Dead, Long Live Beer' is also typeset within the wheel device to become a circular sentence - the repetition of the word beer is unnecessary. In addition to reflecting the idea of infinity in the brand name, the line demonstrates the brand's challenger attitude and belief that this is a new era for beer.

Photos: Courtesy of B&B studio