B&B Designs New Identity for Savoury Snack Bar, The Savourists

B&B Designs New Identity for Savoury Snack Bar, The Savourists

B&B studio has created a bold new visual identity for a pioneering savory snack bar, 'The Savourists.' A completely unique product in the UK, The Savourists' snack bars are a protein-rich alternative to the wide array of sugary options currently on the market, elevating everyday snacks from sweet, crunchy treats to a tasty, more rewarding bar that heroes' savory flavors.

B&B studio focused on the brand's foodie credentials to create a sophisticated visual identity that reinvents the traditional design codes of the snacking industry. The multi-dimensional, unique taste and textures found in The Savourists have been brought to life graphically through layered, patterned imagery and color that reflects the diversity of the brands elevated snacking experience. The patterned design, illustrated in-house by B&B, contrasts with the often simple and naïve aesthetics of many mainstream snacking brands. Further illustrations and a heavily textured print continue beyond the pack into the wider brand world to create a graphic celebration of 'savory.'

"Traditionally, snacking brands appeal to the child in us with bright, bold colours and a one-dimensional, cartoonish look and feel that taps into feelings of nostalgia and indulgence," said Shaun Bowen, Creative Partner at B&B studio. "The Savourists challenges these category conventions. The brand sits at the convergence of real food and snack food, recognising changes in eating behaviours and delivering a snack made from real ingredients. It's a bar for grown-up palettes and needed an identity that clearly communicated this.

"The result is a new set of design codes for the snacking industry. Less superficial, more honest to the flavours and textures of the product but still punchy on shelf. Despite being an entirely new product to the UK market, it's immediately recognisable as a savoury snack bar."

B&B studio delivered the brand positioning, identity design, packaging and brand communications for The Savourists.