Lewis Moberly Designs Identity and Eco-packaging for Skin Sapiens

Lewis Moberly Designs Identity and Eco-packaging for Skin Sapiens

Lewis Moberly has designed the brand identity and eco-packaging for new skincare brand SKIN SAPIENS. The new range is designed to clean, care and protect skin of all ages and skin types, even sensitive. There are three products for babies: a lotion, bath gel and balm. And three for adults: a facial cleansing gel, face cream and a vegan lip balm.

SKIN SAPIENS is the fruition of a project that began 18 months ago in a kitchen in Madrid. "When baby Alex was born, we realized we couldn't bring ourselves to put something we didn't understand on his sensitive skin," said James Jardella, CEO & Founder. "Having worked for some of the biggest cosmetics companies out there, we knew that the world is full of products that aren't always what they seem. This didn't sit well with us. So, we locked ourselves away and thought hard about a different approach. We wanted to create something natural that's good for skin, good for the planet, and free from secrets. We put everything into leaving everything unnecessary out."

The result was a home-made balm, created from rich plant oils and waxes, nothing else. And so SKIN SAPIENS was born. Jardella knew the product was good - he'd tried it on himself, his baby, and his friends. But he also knew that to launch it to a wider audience he would need a distinctive identity and design to stand out and resonate with consumers in this increasingly crowded space.

The identity, which economically drives the brand is, like the product, edited, pared-down, and pure in form. For the logo, the observation of the SAPIENS 'I' sitting symmetrically and relating to the 'I' in skin works as a built-in navigator, pointing you to the product. A design observation that is both distinctive and helpful.

Packaging designs are equally distinctive in their simplicity. Complex, back of pack product information is replaced with straightforward information showcased on the front of the pack. The tone is friendly and transparent. The color palette is inspired by mineral shades found in nature but is also pale enough to allow the bottles to be recycled. In fact, the bottles are entirely made from recycled British drinks bottles.

Lewis Moberly