Studio Blackburn Rebrands Renewable Energy Supplier So Energy

Studio Blackburn Rebrands Renewable Energy Supplier So Energy

Studio Blackburn recently rebranded renewable energy supplier So Energy. The studio delivered a radical new brand positioning, visual identity, website and extensive marcomms plan aimed at driving customer acquisition.

In order to avoid the familiar tropes of energy brands; clip art, childlike illustrations, hands around the world and so on, Studio Blackburn created a new look and feel that reflects the ambitions of the business. The result is a bold and clean black and white brand, augmented by a suite of four vivid colors - red, yellow, blue and green. Considering the situations where customers interact most often with energy brands, in this case, comparison and aggregator websites, the team knew the brand logotype had to be impactful in the small area of pixels on those sites as well as in a wider comms context.

The logotype consists of a large all caps SO in Founders Grotesk Bold, with the all caps ENERGY fitting to the same width. This lockup maximizes the space available in small areas of use, but also impresses when used in large formats.

Studio Blackburn collaborated closely with the So Energy in-house team to create the new website. The vibrant site showcases the new brand and takes the user on a clear and easy journey to get an instant quote for their energy supply, sign-in to their account and access other data easily.

Studio Blackburn brought in challenger comms specialists Common Industry who provided an in-depth strategic analysis for So, resulting in a new comms plan for the brand that prepares the company for substantial growth in a highly competitive and low margin category.

By addressing the bigger challenge of the climate crisis, and making the brand the most obvious way to make a significant personal contribution, the new plan celebrates So Energy's strength as the UK's number one supplier for customer service (according to consumer champions Citizens Advice and Which?).

The new ad campaign is So Energy's first. It showcases the refreshed rebrand via highly visible and memorable media, focused on simplicity.

The distinctive two-word name becomes a top and tail for a series of messages, enabling the logotype to be present in all media, such as the two launch bus sides, 'SO WE'VE GOT WIND ENERGY' and 'SO AB-SO-FLIPPIN'LUTELY ENERGY' or more conversationally in direct mail, such as 'SO NICE TO MEET YOU ENERGY,' and so on.

"The Earth is in crisis. And growing cohorts of consumers are looking for ways to take action," said Paul Blackburn, Head of Studio Blackburn. "It was this driver that led Simon and Charlie, the founders of So Energy, to set up the company in the first place. When So Energy Chairman Henrik Olsén invited us to support the business, we were thrilled and humbled to be part of such a significant mission. We decided upon the positioning of 'a force for positive change', to enable a brand that strives to make change simple for everyone to achieve its goals as quickly as it can - we're all depending on it."

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