Furniture Design Studios

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  1. Bartoli Design

    Bartoli Design

    Experienced Italian industrial design studio, specialized in furniture and product design. From marketing strategies to mock-ups and product technical development, their activity embraces the full spectrum of design services and also extends to architecture and interior design.

  2. Lazerian


    Established by Liam Hopkins, Lazerian is a Manchester based creative practice focused on the creation of functional objects through playful investigation of materials and processes.

  3. LucidiPevere


    Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere founded LucidiPevere in 2006 in Milan. The duo design furniture, lighting, and tableware. They always try to deal with new types of products by working with different companies, countries and cultures; they are constantly looking for the right aesthetic expression of the material and technologies they are working on.

  4. La Clinica Design

    La Clinica Design

    At La Clinica we are dedicated to creating timeless products with fine regard for the details. We love good design and have great respect for our environment.

  5. Nina Mair

    Nina Mair

    Nina Mair is a studio that works internationally in architecture and product design. The international team realizes exciting projects for premium brands and private clients around the globe.

  6. Studio Pastina

    Studio Pastina

    Domenico Santoro and Francesca Puddu founded Studio Pastina in 2012. Pastina collaborates with brands, private clients and galleries,always applying a personal design vision and working on a wide range of projects, involving product and furniture design, interiors and art direction.

  7. GamFratesi


    GamFratesi's design takes its creative drive from a fusion of tradition and renewal and in an experimental approach to their chosen materials and techniques. With their dual traditional background, Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi draw on the classic Danish furniture and craft tradition as well as the classic Italian intellectual and conceptual approach.

  8. Token


    Token is a New York-based design studio that merges contemporary art and industrial design.

  9. CNVS Designs

    CNVS Designs

    CNVS is a furniture brand developed by ATÖLYE Labs and crafted in partnership with local fabricators, to meet the needs of modern work and education workspaces.

  10. Palomba Serafini Associati

    Palomba Serafini Associati

    Ludovica+Roberto Palomba founded Palomba Serafini Associati in 1994, based in Milan. They collaborate with design brands all over the world and the majority of their products designed since 1994 are still in production.

  11. Studio Markunpoika

    Studio Markunpoika

    Studio Markunpoika works on project ranging from industrial design to limited editions and one-off pieces for companies, galleries and private clients.

  12. Skrivo


    Skrivo is a Milan based multidisciplinary design studio founded by industrial designer Stefan Krivokapic. The studio specializes in industrial design across furniture and lighting sectors working with manufacturers across Europe.

  13. Studio Dunn

    Studio Dunn

    Studio Dunn works with a network of local designers, artisans, and manufacturers in and around Rhode Island to develop and refine designs. Focusing on the use of classic materials including wood, metal, glass, and ceramics, and through the use in-house fabrication capabilities Studio Dunn uses experimental processes to create innovative designs.

  14. Alphabet


    Alphabet is a furniture and lighting design studio. Each project is an original idea, thought up, and built in their Montreal workshop.

  15. dTank


    Our team of designers, engineers and fabricators collaborate with architects and designers to create custom furniture solutions for commercial, corporate, educational and healthcare environments by integrating the entire process - from 3-D concept, engineering, manufacturing through final installation.

  16. blank

    Daniel Enoksson Studio

    Daniel Enoksson Studio was founded in June 2008 by Daniel Enoksson, after graduating from Beckmans College of Design. While working primarily within the fields of product design and interior architecture, Daniel aims to apply subtlety, enrichment and reformation in his projects.

  17. blank

    Troy Backhouse

    Troy Backhouse designs furniture and products as commercial or commissioned pieces. t-bac design is a multi-discipline design studio, producing pieces for commercial and domestic interiors in quantity or as one off's.

  18. blank

    Anthony Dickens

    In 1998 Anthony Dickens founded his London product and furniture design studio to create simple, functionally innovative and thought-provoking objects, subverting archetypal forms and re-imagining the everyday things that surround us.

  19. Front


    Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren are the members of the Swedish design group Front. Their works are based on common discussions, explorations and experiments and they are all involved in the projects from initial ideas to the final product.

  20. Studio Laviani

    Studio Laviani

    Studio Laviani is a design practice based in Milano, Italy. The studio's work mainly focuses on product design, interior design, art direction and graphics.

  21. Brothers and Sons

    Brothers and Sons

    Brothers and Sons is determined to create pioneering design in a timeless form using innovative and sustainable materials. Thanks to pure craftsmanship, courage and research, the at times seemingly impossible is made possible. Breaking the standards by stretching the boundaries of design and production.

  22. Rawstudio


    Rawstudio exists to create things differently, products which have a reason to exist and have been approached from a fresh angle.

  23. blank


    Designermade creates bespoke design solutions for a variety of architects, businesses, artists and private clients.

  24. Metrica


    Metrica is a design studio based in Milan with an international reputation for the unique approach to contemporary furniture design.

  25. Faudet-Harrison


    Faudet-Harrison is a London-based design partnership between RCA Design Product graduates Jochem Faudet and Jon Harrison. Working on a cross section of product, furniture, interior and exhibition design they have already built up an extensive client list including, SCP, Thorsten Van Elten, Dunne and Raby, Habitat and The Design Museum.

  26. David Girelli

    David Girelli

    David Girelli is a design studio that draws upon both Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. The brand produces contemporary and elegant pieces of furniture as well as offering a bespoke service for interior designers and architects.