Furniture Design Studios

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    Von Tundra

    Von Tundra is a Portland-based design house specializing in the creation of contemporary furniture, fixtures, installations, and interiors.

  2. Kalon Studios

    Kalon Studios

    Founded in 2007 by Michaele Simmering and Johannes Pauwen, Kalon produces work with a strong focus on elemental forms, natural materials and versatility. The studio prides itself on its intense focus on materiality, which is at the forefront of each of their designs, as is an obsession with integrity.

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    Rob Southcott Studio Works

    Rob Southcott Studio Works focuses on the conceptualization and implementation of artful objects and installations which help enhance our daily lives.

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    East Main

    East Main provides design services for projects ranging from trade show exhibits to tabletop housewares, from furniture collections to consumer products.

  5. Dsignio


    Dsignio is a Madrid-based product design studio co-founded in 2002 by Patxi Cotarelo and Alberto Bejerano.

  6. Cozì Studio

    Cozì Studio

    Through complex mold planning, wood press and 3D printing, Co-founders Yuval Carmel and Ofir Zandani create complex forms and illusory textural surfaces. Combining advanced technologies with traditional craftsmanship, the statement pieces clearly display the dialogue between the nature of the materials and the manipulated forms.

  7. Ginger and Jagger

    Ginger & Jagger

    Launched in 2012, Ginger & Jagger is a product design brand that creates handcrafted high-end contemporary products inspired by Nature.

  8. Goa


    Goa is a creative studio based in Istanbul that turns ideas into powerful designs and works with international brands. We are a team of industrial, interior and graphic designers and mechanical engineers who work together for global brands.

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    Greenwood Studio

    Greenwood Studio is a custom woodworking shop located in Grand Rapids MI, designs and builds beautiful handcrafted furniture and cabinetry for residential and commercial clients.

  10. ABAD


    ABAD is a furniture design studio founded by Jon and Iker Abad, based in Getxo, Spain.

  11. BrogliatoTraverso


    Founded by Alberto Brogliato & Federico Traverso, BrogliatoTraverso is a Vicenza-based design studio with a vision that combines professionalism, technical expertise, passion for research and innovation.

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    Our passion is the creating of inspiring concrete furniture for all living areas. The design concepts integrate perfectly form and function. Pure or in combination with other choice materials, almost any colour and each form can be adjusted to your individual style.

  13. Trueing


    Trueing is a Brooklyn-based design studio founded by Josh Metersky and Aiden Bowman.

  14. Joly Design

    Joly Design

    Stamped by the experience of Sylvain JOLY who launched the studio in 1981, the Joly Design team has taken over the legacy of its founder with pride since 2015. Beyond the creation of sofas, initially our core business, we are now able to create a global environment for all home spaces. Owing to the various areas of expertise in which we get our ideas with demanding nature and passion, our studio guides its clients from the design to the achievement of their projects.

  15. Studio Flek

    Studio Flek

    Flek is a small design practice based on the Gold Coast, comprised of partners Lisa Kajewski, Architectural Designer and Chris Miller, Industrial Designer. Our work reflects on the process of aging, romanticizing materials whilst also being sensitive to the environment. Our focus is on ageless aesthetics and natural materials, seeking restraint and refinement in each project. Exploring what it is that heightens the human senses within the field of design and architecture.

  16. Pen


    Pen is a Melbourne-based design studio that creates authentic, innovative and architecturally inspired products through a unique collaborative process. Working with Australia's most passionate designers, architects, thinkers and inventors, Pen evolves brilliant ideas and takes them from concept to the global market.

  17. Studio Vit

    Studio Vit

    Studio Vit designs and creates products, lighting, furniture and spaces. Referencing archetypal objects and form; it is essential for the studio to design long lasting, considered and well made products with great attention to detail.

  18. Atelier Robotiq

    Atelier Robotiq

    Atelier Robotiq is a Rotterdam based designers collective. We design lighting and furniture which we manufacture ourselves using a industrial robot.

  19. Studio Wieki Somers

    Studio Wieki Somers

    Studio Wieki Somers, founded in 2003 by Wieki Somers and Dylan Van Den Berg, is best known for creating fantastical versions of everyday objects through unusual materials and vigorous conceptual research. Based in an old customhouse in the harbour of Rotterdam, the Studio works across furniture and industrial design, offering an enlightened and enchanting vision of the world.

  20. Studio Makuko

    Studio Makuko

    Studio Makuko is a furniture design studio focused on minimalist furniture with a high demand for design and functionality. Studio Makuko has made it its mission to create practical pieces of furniture with high design standards.

  21. Mattias Stenberg

    Mattias Stenberg

    Mattias Stenberg is a mixed creative practice based in Stockholm, Sweden. Projects focus on contemporary residential architechture, furniture, lighting and everyday object design.

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    Incipit is a Milan-based creative lab and business whose aim is to nurture young talent, share skills and business acumen, and promote young designers. The company was founded in late 2013 by Roberto Hoz and Marta Bernstein, two entrepreneurs with experience at several leading Italian design companies.

  23. Oitenta


    Oitenta is an independent product design and crafting studio based in A Coruña, Spain. We create special objects that blend our personality, our values and our design philosophy with our custom-made production capacity.

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    Weckner Design

    Weckner Design is a furniture redesign company with the objective to redesign old, discarded furniture and create unique, sustainable and functional design.

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    Forsberg Form

    The engine behind Forsberg form is based on a desire to discover new angles of approach in testing and expanding the boundaries of possibilities one can accomplish with a material. With this in mind we want to create something that is not expected to be produced from a material such as concrete.

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    Touch Design Studio

    Touch Design Studio is an award winning Brooklyn-based creative consultancy founded in 2001 by Peter Valois and Michael Marra. Touch has created works in the worlds of lighting, furniture, tabletop, space/envionment, visual merchandising, fashion, art, print & web.

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    Moskou Studio

    Moskou is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Warsaw, specializing in furniture and space design. Moskou aims at creating minimal, but only seemingly simple concepts, enriched with surprising details hidden in construction or function.

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    Kooyong Design

    Kooyong Design is a young, Irish product design firm that specializes in furniture, interiors and homewares. Established in 2009 as a design driven company with an aim to support Irish designers and give them the opportunity to design and market products of their own to the public.