Furniture Design Studios

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  1. dede


    Aliki Rovithi and Foant Asour, both industrial designers, founded the Athens-based, award winning, creative studio DEDE DextrousDesign in 2007.

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    Providing a broad range of design services for diverse projects including private residences, retail, corporate, hospitality, exhibitions and creative agencies, +tongtong exists to realize with their clients, world-class projects which are purposeful and are evocative contributions to the world.

  3. ARDE


    ARDE design studio is one of Scandinavias leading experts in furniture design. We have a unique holistic background in the furniture industry, both in design, retail and production. In our design process we consider the whole value chain behind a product. We make designs that will work from idea, to prototype, to production - to the final product being sold and used.

  4. Egg Collective

    Egg Collective

    Egg Collective is a New York-based design company established by three female designers. Pulling from its founders' backgrounds in architecture, art, and woodworking, the company creates exquisitely crafted American-made furniture, objects and lighting.

  5. SPARK


    SPARK design studio primarily works with designing furniture, products, interiors and exhibition stands. Through our wide architectural background and our good experiences from many co-operations with manufacturers, we are able to meet the demands that our customers have towards a serious and professional partner.

  6. Home Studios

    Home Studios

    Home Studios is a New York-based design studio for interiors, making furniture and lighting under the label Homework. First recognized for creating cult neighborhood favorite bars and restaurants, Home Studios currently undertakes hotel, hospitality, residential and retail projects across the country, widely respected for their continual commitment to experimentation and innovation. Home Studios is directed by co-founder Oliver Haslegrave.

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    Prop Studios

    Prop Studios is an experienced, multi-award winning company based in Hassocks, West Sussex who use their experience to design, manufacture and install bespoke shop interiors and various other display schemes.

  8. Phase Design

    Phase Design

    Phase Design was founded in Los Angeles in 2000 by award winning designer Reza Feiz. Working within his philosophy of "strength in simplicity," he uses solid woods, metal, ceramics and fiberglass in luxurious finishes to realize his simple, yet dynamic furniture, lighting and tabletop designs.

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    Studio Macura

    Studio Macura is a multi disciplinary design studio co founded by Marko Macura. The studio designs furniture and industrial products and solutions for a variety of clients while in parallel running its own collection of interior accessories and small furniture.

  10. Studio Terhedebrügge

    Studio Terhedebrügge

    Terhedebrügge is a Berlin-based design studio founded by graphic designer Antonia Terhedebrügge and industrial designer Silvia Terhedebrügge.

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    Beaverhausen is a design studio based in Brussels, founded by Mimy A. Diar and Ad Luijten.

  12. Studio Gorm

    Studio Gorm

    Studio Gorm is a design office founded in 2007 by John Arndt and Wonhee Arndt. They design products, furniture, lighting, interiors and exhibitions. Their designs are informed by their speculative academic research which explores culture, history and technology and how objects and ideas evolve to fit the needs of modern life.

  13. Ted Boerner

    Ted Boerner

    Founded in 1988 by Ted Boerner and Frank Pontes, we are a San Francisco based design studio offering innovative and original furnishings.

  14. Anderssen and Voll

    Anderssen & Voll

    Founded by Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll in 2009, Anderssen & Voll works within various fields of design with a focus on the domestic objects.

  15. Bihain


    Michael Bihain studied interior design at the St Luc Institute in Liege and at the University of Hull in England. He is currently working with companies and distribution firms on developing furniture, jewels and accessories.

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    Studio Dreimann

    Studio Dreimann creates and designs consumer goods, industrial goods and furniture. The design of Studio Dreimann is not determined by a formal style, much more the studio complements familiar forms with new functions and new functions with familiar forms. This leads to products created with additional and emotional value.

  17. Claudia and Harry Washington

    Claudia & Harry Washington

    Claudia & Harry Washington is a furniture and space design studio founded by Salvadoran couple Claudia Vasquez Washington and Harry Washington. Their creative process is grounded in their own philosophy that design is meant to connect people to their own human nature and to the essence that makes them authentically happy.

  18. mist-o


    International design studio established by the Italian / Japanese design duo Tommaso Nani and Noa Ikeuchi.

  19. Cate and Nelson

    Cate & Nelson

    Founded in Sweden by internationally acclaimed industrial and furniture designers Nelson Ruiz-Acal and Cate Högdahl in 2006, Cate & Nelson is a London-based multidisciplinary design studio working in a variety of sectors including furniture, lighting, product, interior and art direction. With offices in Sweden, Spain and UK, Cate & Nelson create products and interiors to offer something over and above expectations.

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    Spell aspires to create a new dimension of lifestyle products, constantly looking for new ways to engage the public with inspiring designs. To achieve this, Spell cooperates with various passionate and talented designers.

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    Hiroshi Tsunoda Design Studio

    HTDS is an independent design studio with a distinct vision. We believe in taking the meaning of creative designing to one step further by emphasizing that the outcome of our projects be as innovative as possible.

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    Wildercreative is a design studio creating furniture and products for a wide range of clients, from architects to industry, from one-off furniture or public art pieces to items for mass manufacture.

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    STILTREU designstudio

    Christian Dorn established 2003 STILTREU designstudio and has been designing internationally successful products for renowned clients. In its designs Christian Dorn places enormous value on well thought through, intuitive functionality and precise implementation, on design with charisma and high aesthetic appeal.

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    MASHstudios is a multidisciplinary Los Angeles-based design firm that combines award-winning design and engineering experience with local manufacturing capabilities to challenge the status quo of modern design. MASH's philosophy focuses on client-centered service, acute attention to detail, and consistent use of innovative forms and materials, all with the goal of creating timeless design.

  25. bERT&dENNIS


    bERT&dENNIS design studio is the brainchild of Bert van der Grift and Dennis van der Burch. Driven by a lifelong passion for furniture and textiles, they work together as a team towards a single shared aesthetic.

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    Andres Bluth

    Product design studio located at Barcelona. We are working on furniture lighting and mainly projects on outdoor furniture. Andres Bluth also teachs at IED Barcelona since 2004.

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    Hinika is a new brand of modern furniture and accessories recently established in the sunny metropolis of Singapore. We aim to develop instantly classic products with just that right amount of flare, to get the conversation started.