Furniture Design Studios

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  1. Kranen/Gille


    Founded in 2007 by Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille, Kranen/Gille is a design studio based in the south of the Netherlands.

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen Studio

    Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

    Ladies & Gentlemen Studio is a bi-coastal based design studio operating between Seattle and Brooklyn embracing the best of both coasts. L&G Studio's aesthetic and design philosophy is about complementary opposites with an unexpected balance of warm minimalism, playful austerity, and simple sophistication. Founded by Dylan Davis & Jean Lee in 2010, L&G Studio's explorative spirit is a blend of their resourceful curiosity with the desire to celebrate material & functionality. Their focus is on creating a diverse set of products from small objects, home decor goods, jewelry, to furniture, lighting, and beyond.



    YONSEI is a New York-based design studio, collaborating with manufacturers and bringing form to the abstract. It was founded in 2016 by industrial designer Jonathan Yoshida Rowell.

  4. Konisa Studio

    Konisa Studio

    Konisa is a design studio focused in solving problems with functionality and making people's lives easier by ways of transforming repurposed and renewable materials into innovative goods to make a positive impact to the environment and local communities.

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    Laufer + Keichel

    Julia Laufer and Marcus Keichel founded the Berlin based design agency Laufer + Keichel in 2003. Their work is characterized by the quest to create everyday objects with a human face, regardless if it is architecture or product design.

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    Sodi Designs

    Toronto based designers, Dian Carlo and Sonia Chan, creating contemporary modern metal furnishings for residential and commercial with their very own "patina" finish.

  7. JWDA


    JWDA is a small design studio in Stockholm founded by Jonas Wagell in 2008. The studio's work is focused on products and furniture design as well as creative direction for Scandinavian and international clients.

  8. Young and Norgate

    Young & Norgate

    A small group of designers and craftsmen, we create contemporary furniture that is unique, elegant and timeless. Each piece of furniture is crafted by hand using time-honoured techniques from our workshop on the south coast of Devon.

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    Consider It Design

    A multi-discipline studio designing products, furniture and interiors. Consider It Design endeavour to use environmentally friendly products, materials, manufacturing techniques and packaging when possible.

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    Toronto based industrial design studio specializing in concepts for the spaces we eat, sleep and live in. Dedicated to producing works with locally sourced, sustainable materials with as little environmental impact as possible.

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    Oliver Apt.

    An Edmonton-based carpentry studio that collaborates with clients on the design & woodworking of interior spaces, custom furniture & products.

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    Nayef Francis

    A design studio and boutique specialized in product design that include home accessories and furniture which, blend functionality and aesthetics, and are exclusively hand made in Lebanon.

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    o4i is an award winning product design studio located in Stockholm, Sweden.

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    Postfossil is a collective of emerging designers, which creates objects for the home, thinking about the postfossil reality and putting their objects into the context of resource scarcity.

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    anLiving is a furniture design studio founded in April 2014 by Taiwan designer Lin, Yang-An.

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    Blumberg is a space for art and design that offers functional products to meet the dynamics of every-day life.

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    Richard Wood

    Richard Wood, designer and maker of freestanding and fitted contemporary furniture, shelves, sideboards, wardrobes, alcove units, desks and many more. London, UK.

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    Eric Degenhardt

    Eric Degenhardt studio is based in cologne. The studio works in the field of industrial design and architecture for a bunch of international clients.

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    Arkinarko is a design studio based in the center of Aarhus/Denmark, with only one employee (boss), one computer and one phone. The main focus is on furniture and lighting design.

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    Marijn van der Poll

    Furniture, concept, automotive design. Limited editions and small series fabricated in-house. Concept vehicles initiated ourselves and projects for clients. Studio is based in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

  21. Jam Furniture

    Jam Furniture

    Jam was established by Ben Cramp in 2013 and is located on the rugged West Coast of Wales in the UK. A devoted designer who genuinely cares about the environment, Ben delivers furniture that is bound to enhance any space.