Furniture Design Studios

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    Midi Design Mexico

    Midi was born in 1993 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico as a design studio dedicated to the design and production of its own brand but also to the development of architectural and interior spaces.

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    Karre Design

    Karre Design is a furniture and product design studio based in Istanbul. Karre dates back to 1950's when Sadi Ozis, Turkish designer, painter and sculptor started to design and produce the first metal furniture in Turkey in his atelier. Karre Studio continues creating custom and handcrafted products, furniture designs and applications.

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    Bee9 creates furniture and products which have a benign effect on the way we use the spaces we live in.

  4. Patina


    Patina designs and makes a wide range of bespoke furniture and fittings for domestic and commercial properties. Our products are all handmade by ourselves in our workshop in Wetherby, and our designs and fit outs on commercial spaces are also carried out by ourselves.

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    Jacob Pringiers

    Jacob Pringiers design studio was established in milan, Italy in 1996. Specialising in furniture, lighting design and home accesories the studio spreads its expertise in a variety of fields and has worked with some of the leading companies in there sectors.

  6. Artefatto


    Founded in 2015 and based in London, Artefatto is a design studio headed by three young designers brought together by their passion for design: Lorenzo Scisciani, Salvatore Morales and Sacha Andraos. Our work bridges the boundaries between art and design. We strive to create groundbreaking products and interiors with a refreshing simplicity and a distinctive purity.

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    Inoda + Sveje

    In addition to furniture and other product design, Inoda + Sveje is involved in other fields such as medical devices and speakers.

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    Timothy Schreiber

    Highly driven by today's advancements in digital technology Timothy Schreiber implements cutting edge equipment and techniques from development to finished product. Schreiber's designs are the outcome of his ambition to delve into and challenge boundaries between architecture, digital design, manufacturing methods and social/environmental sustainability.

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    Graham Design

    Graham Design studio, based in San Francisco, offers a strategic approach to the design, development and marketing of furniture, lighting and related products for the contract market.



    Gabrielle Rousseau and Philip Staszewski founded IVYSTUDIO, a multidisciplinary studio pursuing a timeless design through minimalistic forms and elegant details, in 2015 following their studies in architecture.

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    Jason Miller Studio

    Jason Miller designs everything from furniture to tchotchky to interiors and he works in a multitude mediums. Jason's designs often draw on everyday aspects of American culture to create contemporary design objects that could just as easily be conceptual art.

  12. Peca


    Since 2007, Caterina Moretti has been the head designer and studio director of Peca, a design studio based in Guadalajara, Mexico. She is inspired by nature, raw materials with endless possibilities of shape and texture, and their capacity to be transformed into everyday objects, Caterina's zeal for texture and contrast has translated into a wide arrange of objects that invite contemplation and infuse the organic and subtle with an original point of view. Collaborations with local artisans and invited designers have contributed to the spirit of Peca, resulting in a catalog that is rich in both tradition and innovation.

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    Stroudfoot is an emerging design company with a focus on sleek decay. The studio designs and produces furniture and lighting for private clients and offers design-build for top restaurants around Toronto.

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    Think Future Design

    Think Future Design is a multidisciplinary creative studio, based in Italy, born as a natural evolution of the professional experience of its founder, engineer and designer, Edoardo Carlino.

  15. Urban Culture Lab

    Urban Culture Lab

    Urban Culture Lab is a Dubai based furniture design and manufacturing lab striving to discover the relationship and unity of art, function and form within our unique collection.

  16. bdm design

    bdm design

    bdm design, established in London in 1999 by industrial designer Beatriz Matud, is specialized in the design and development of contemporary furniture, lighting and illustration.

  17. Lounge22


    Lounge22 designs and handcrafts its exclusive collection of furniture from its Los Angeles, California headquarters.

  18. Busk and Hertzog

    Busk + Hertzog

    Busk + Hertzog is a Danish design team known for their award-winning furniture designs, formed by designers Flemming Busk and Stephan Hertzog in 2000.

  19. Voice


    Voice was founded in 1997, but has its roots far back in the southern of Swedens 'Småland' furniture industry. The furniture interacts with design, function and where timelessness is an important factor.

  20. LIAN


    LIAN is a product and interior designing studio based in the Netherlands, founded by Product designer Lian van Wanrooij.

  21. Hoom


    Hoom is a Polish table design brand. Natural materials, manufacturing by hand, and minimalism are the three pillars on which we rely.

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    Sahar Famouri's main activity is based on furniture design, product design, lighting and spatial design for brands.

  23. Winter and Kurth

    Winter and Kurth

    Winter and Kurth are a design studio based in Manchester UK whose collaborative practice steers their work in exciting and unexpected directions. The duo interweave their individual design backgrounds creating experiential surfaces which fuse graphic application with simple 3D form.

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    Heidi Earnshaw Design

    Heidi Earnshaw Design is a studio based practice specializing in the design and production of handcrafted, solid wood furniture, functional objects and fully fitted spaces.

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    Hannabi was founded on the idea that there was room for improvement in the cooperation of designers and producers on the Hungarian design furniture market.

  26. Lukas Klingsbichel

    Lukas Klingsbichel

    Lukas Klingsbichel is a multidisciplinary design studio focused on industrial design and environmental design located in the city of Graz, Austria. During 2018 the studio was selected to represent Austrian design internationally through its work, while participating in a traveling exhibition across German speaking countries carried out by the Austrian Tourist Office.

  27. Tovin Design

    Tovin Design

    Tovin Design is a design licensing and consulting office focused on the home furnishing market. Founder Blake Tovin along with a staff of designers work with leading retailers and manufactures to develop products that evoke each clients brand and expand their market position.