Industrial Design Consultancies

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  1. Raymont-Osman


    Raymont-Osman is an energetic and innovative product design and development consultancy. Our team of expert Engineers and Designers work alongside local and global businesses in the development and launch of new products. We pride ourselves on achieving excellence through our passion, precision, creativity, and commitment.

  2. seré/dondossola


    seré/dondossola is a strategy and brand design consultancy. We help businesses grow, launch products, and build enduring relationships with their communities.

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    LA Design

    LA is one of the UK's most respected and successful Product Design and Development Consultancies.

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    Hareide Design

    Hareide Design is an international design consultancy with offices in Oslo, Norway and Gothenburg, Sweden. We work with local and international companies, helping them create and bring to market meaningful products, services and experiences.

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    ECCO Design

    ECCO Design is a New York based creative consultancy. We are a team of designers, researchers, engineers, and strategists who, for over 15 years, have worked alongside our clients to create innovative new products and compelling user experiences.

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    James Owen Design

    James Owen is the Principal and owner of James Owen Design. With over twelve years of expertise he has created and developed products and strategies for clients such as Michelin, HP, FedEx, Design Within Reach, Whirlpool, Starbucks, Altec Lansing, Intel, COCIF Italia, NSR, Ltd., and Sharp. He has won several IDSA and Chicago Athenaeum GOOD DESIGN awards and holds multiple patents.

  7. Kiska


    Kiska is a creative consultancy that works closely with its clients to create designs that reinforce brands and wrap solutions in clear messages, products that display their unique values and qualities in a moment.

  8. Pilotfish


    Pilotfish is a progressive industrial design and product development studio specialized in electronic products. We focus on creating unique product experiences on both the emotional and rational levels. Our offices are located in Berlin, Taipei and Amsterdam.

  9. Centreline


    Established in 1984, Centreline is an award-winning UK based product design consultancy with studios located in London and Nottingham. We have a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team creating, beautiful, innovative and contemporary products. We strive for creative and manufacturing synergy, utilizing each team member's individual skills and own unique perspective on design, collaborating to achieve exceptional results.

  10. Curventa


    Curventa is an award-winning product design and development consultancy helping companies of all sizes to successfully innovate and grow. Established in 2001 by Ian Murison and Adrian Bennett, Curventa develops elegant, disruptive product and brand experiences that bring delight and a smile. From the start, we've worked across a wide spectrum of industries. We feel that this cross-pollination of ideas and experiences enhances every design solution.

  11. Walk Studio

    Walk Studio

    Walk is a forward-thinking design studio based in Marseille, France. Founded by two industrial designers with international backgrounds, Walk shapes innovative products for contemporary lifestyles.

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    Jacknife is a design led agency; finely tuned to craft intelligent, creative solutions for clients who understand how powerful great design can and should be. We offer the unique opportunity for clients to access one, or integrate all of our services across the design spectrum - from brand strategy and digital to product design and beyond. We are an independent studio with boutique appeal and global reach.

  13. Youmeus


    Youmeus is a new generation design consulting company that helps its clients lead in their markets. We specialise in bringing brands to life in three dimensions, creating new products, services and engaging experiences.

  14. product council

    product council

    Product council is a Chicago based, award-winning industrial design firm. We help companies innovate by identifying new ways to serve and support people. By utilizing strategic design principals; the latent needs, behaviors, and desires of consumers are identified that help create new products, brands, and the interactive experiences that embody them. The goal is to create meaningful solutions, that differentiate in the marketplace, and achieve business success.

  15. Katapult Design

    Katapult Design

    Katapult Design provides industrial design and product development services including initial research, competitor & trend analysis, conceptual design, product detailing & 3D CAD, prototype manufacture & testing, production sourcing and implementation. We have offices in Byron Bay, Sydney and Melbourne.

  16. Sundberg-Ferar


    Sundberg-Ferar is a product innovation studio born in Detroit with an 85-year deep portfolio representing almost every category of product design. We connect art with science to create meaningful things, services and experiences; elements that drive value and fulfill core user needs. We design with purpose, innovate with emotional & functional intent, and deliver real, manufacturable solutions at scale.

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    Swave Studios

    Swave Studios is a product development and innovation-based consultancy located in Toronto. Founded by Jonathan Loudon and John Schmider, Swave Studios provides high end design and innovative services.

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    Tool helps clients succeed though innovative, user-driven product design. We work with large global companies and small entrepreneurial start-ups on their product design needs and for over 10 years have enjoyed helping our clients connect with their customers in new and thoughtful ways.

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    The National Centre for Product Design and Development Research is a multidisciplinary product design and development research centre offering a complete service to industry from research and analysis through to design, prototyping, manufacture and launch. PDR is unique, combining leading edge research and the latest technologies with industry experienced, award-winning designers, engineers and technicians.

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    Technology-based product design with low-volume pilot manufacturing on-site. With an experienced multidisciplinary product design team, the company specialises in developing electromechanical and photonics-based systems.

  21. LUMA


    LUMA is a specialist team of designers who can turn their minds to any problem. LUMA specializes in technical design, PCB + hardware prototyping/ 3D printing and Manufacturing. We are a focused team that can help you take the most basic concept and turn it into a fully developed technology, coordinating the complete process from concept to finished products.

  22. Balance


    Balance is a strategic human-centered design consultancy balancing end-user needs with business expectations. We develop an understanding of end-user behaviors, motivations, attitudes, and needs to uncover exactly what will delight your customers.

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    Headquartered in Cincinnati, we are an innovation and product design firm with five locations and more than 80 employees. We help our clients succeed by leveraging our expertise at the intersection of consumer insights, technology and health and wellness to improve the lives of customers.

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    Daniels + Erdwiens

    Daniels + Erdwiens is an industrial design consultancy based in Germany. The range of design work includes all categories of consumer- and industrial products.

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    A small, high-performing product design, engineering and innovation consultancy based in Los Angeles, specializing in functional, human centered products.

  26. TECA Studio

    TECA Studio

    TECA Studio is an international design and innovation company specialising in market targeted product design. We work Internationally with a highly Multicultural and Interdisciplinary group of 20 to 30 people across our different locations and we are able to offer and wide-ranging and tailored project team for each project we undertake.

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    Sagentia is a global science, product and technology development company, our services span the full product development lifecycle, from new concept generation and technology validation, through prototyping and full product development, to transfer to manufacture and sustainability.

  28. ALTO


    ALTO is an industrial design consultancy founded in 1986.

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    Boxclever is a product design consultancy based in Dublin. Since 2002 we have designed successful products for a variety of clients, both in Ireland and internationally. We have built a reputation for delivering on time, on budget, and exceeding client expectations.