Industrial Design Consultancies

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  1. Catapult Design

    Catapult Design

    Founded in 2008, Catapult Design is a nonprofit design consultancy that works with organizations around the globe to support the development of market-based solutions for sustainable well-being and resilience. Through its work, Catapult Design addresses the challenges facing humanity, such as food security, water and sanitation access, quality healthcare, mobility and climate change.

  2. Lanzavecchia and Wai

    Lanzavecchia + Wai

    Lanzavecchia + Wai is a design consultancy based in Italy and Singapore with the aim of injecting humanity, poetry and intelligence into multiple scales, domains & contexts. The studio has created a multiple range of projects: from design research for Herman Miller, exhibition design for La Triennale di Milano, to delightful window installations for Hermès.

  3. KWA Design Group

    KWA Design Group

    Founded in 1981, KWA Design Group is an internationally recognized Australian industrial design consultancy with substantial experience in innovative, market-leading product design. KWA is the ideal partner for companies seeking greater competitive edge and improved success in global markets.

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    Philip Kenny Studio

    Philip Kenny Studio is a creative consultancy specializing in design of housewares and home accessories. We deliver relevant and commercially successful design based on a comprehensive knowledge of materials, processes and market insight.

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    Mottoform is a Helsinki based industrial design consultancy designing for a range of markets including: sport, technology, furniture, housewares and fashion, among others.

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    I-Design is an invention-oriented product design consultancy. We specialize in adding value to our clients' projects with break-through technological and cost reducing innovations.

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    Working in the fields of industrial, product and transportation design, we regard design as a fundamental instrument of brand management; we develop design strategies in combination with the strategic brand focus.

  8. Outerspace Design

    Outerspace Design

    Through industrial design, engineering, product development and strategic foresight and over 30 years of experience, we help our clients target and exceed their business objectives. We design, engineer and develop medical, electronic, sports-tech, agri-tech and consumer products and structural packaging solutions from concept to market release.

  9. CMDA


    CMDA is an award-winning product & graphic design consultancy based in Hong Kong, providing design solutions to global clients, in a creative and cost-effective manner.

  10. Lumium


    Founded in 2006, Lumium is a creative consulting firm providing end-to-end research, strategy, design, engineering, brand and experience services. We've gathered exclusively top-notch creatively-driven talent from diverse global companies and recruited from the best learning institutions worldwide to fuel our creative engine. Our multi-disciplinary teams focus on delivering product innovation to clients within the consumer products, telecommunications, medical, transportation and lifestyle product sectors.

  11. RCBD


    RCBD is a product design studio based in Munich, Germany - founded by Ralph Christian Bremenkamp, a leading design expert - former Principal Design Director at frog, former Creative Director at BMW Designworks and Juror for the renowned IF Awards. The studio's core focus lies in the conception and design of consumer products, medical devices as well as capital intensive goods.

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    Envary is a Swiss-German design studio based in Hong Kong, driven by creative craftsmanship and inspiring curiosity. Award-winning and interdisciplinary at heart, we design visually stunning products for companies in various areas (consumer electronics, household appliances, digitally connected products, apparel) and reshape product+brand marketing in ways that click with users.

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    Berry Design

    Berry Design is a complete product design & development consultancy creating innovative design solutions for a whole range of clients. We specialise in the design, engineering & visualisation of consumer products.

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    Object Studios

    Object Studios is a small talented product design consultancy that focuses on re-thinking the user experience to deliver success ideas. Experience in electronics, consumer, commercial, housewares, bath, toy, educational and display design.

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    Design Resource

    With over 30 years of experience in successful new product development, Design Resource has become one of Australia's global design brands, and a leading product design consultancy in the Asia Pacific region.

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    Terrestrial is an international strategic design consultancy that deploys its proven expertise and tools to meet the challenges of globalization in increasingly competitive markets. Working with international clients, Terrestrial has established a powerful reputation for transforming innovative thinking into products and services that customers love.

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    S.Point Design

    Established in 1997, s.point design has more than 12 years of rich experience in developing products for both international and Chinese markets. We bring to our clients an integration of user experience, industrial design, and mechanical engineering. This enables us to capture key user insights, translate these into great innovations, and deliver total product solutions.

  18. studioFAR


    Established in 2009, studioFAR is an independent design house based in the Mission district of San Francisco. Directed by Fernando A. Robert, we help companies translate ideas into desirable products. With an arsenal of design resources behind him, studioFAR provides industrial design services with a strong focus in soft goods design + footwear.

  19. 7th Product Design and Invention

    7th Product Design & Invention

    At 7th we design, we invent and we develop products for manufacture. We perform design research and we find opportunities for new products. We make delightful objects and we make things that really work.

  20. Tiller Design

    Tiller Design

    Tiller Design is a highly creative Industrial Design consultancy. We work with leading brands, product innovators and marketing companies to help them create successful products, services through inspired elegant design.

  21. Manyone


    Manyone was created to be a consultancy that can support and create value with clients at scale. Our team structure is born to be adaptive and hybrid; never to rely on one process, but instead an ever-evolving way of understanding the world around us and how we must adapt the way we do things. This means we continue to learn and grow every day, as a business and as human beings.

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    Nonobject is award wining design and innovation firm, helping clients create relevant solutions.

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    Alma Design

    Alma Design is a Portuguese design company. Our main activity is providing consultant services for national and international companies.

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    Designperimeter is an industrial design consultancy located in mid town Toronto, Canada. We support your investment in design by providing complete product development services, from initial preliminary design through to product implementation, including full production detailing and manufacturing sourcing.

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    SOZO Design

    SOZO is a consulting company, specializing in, product design and development, industrial design, brand experience, and design research. We define, design, and develop products and services from conception through implementation.

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    Innodesign is an international, integrated design consultancy that creates products for business, home, leisure and other niche environments.



    Freeform is an Oakland and Chicago based strategy & innovation firm. Through physical and digital mediums we provide a holistic approach to user experience. Working with individuals and companies from established international brands, startups, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits we create industry disrupting products.

  28. Design Icon

    Design Icon

    Design Icon is a Hong Kong based consultancy with more than 20 years experience in Asia. Through our 'Simple' Step by Step design creation process, we transform your complex commercial needs into desirable products.