Industrial Design Consultancies

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  1. Bluefrog Design

    Bluefrog Design

    Bluefrog Design is an award winning UK industrial design & engineering innovation consultancy. We apply deep design thinking to solve problems delivering new products and innovations to clients within fast moving consumer goods and high value manufacturing, including those in the medical, industrial, transport and technology sectors.

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    Inform are new product development consultants based between Oxford and Northampton, UK. Our small team of designers and engineers provide manufacturers and brands with design expertise to create new products and services. We work predominantly in consumer electronics, household, professional and industrial sectors.

  3. Ratio Design Associates

    Ratio Design Associates

    Ratio Design Associates is a product design consultancy offering the complete new product development service, from product design, concept design, CAD realization & rapid prototyping to the supply of manufacturing data.

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    Enbrite is a product innovation and design consultancy. We work with global businesses to drive innovation, identify market opportunities, and design meaningful products and experiences that connect our clients closer to their end customer.

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    FIT R&D

    FIT is a turnkey product development agency that place the user at the center. It does not matter if its a cellphone, a medical device or a machine - today's market is all about user experience. We believe that placing the user and his true needs at the center, creating smart and focused experiences backed with beautiful aesthetics and the highest level of engineering, can deliver market-changing products.

  6. Cube3


    Cube3 is a product and industrial design consultancy based in the southeast, specializing in new product development, design for manufacture and engineering design.

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    Farm Design

    A full-service, FDA and ISO compliant product development company with over 35 years of experience in providing complete development and regulatory services for medical, life sciences and consumer health companies.

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    DesignEdge Cambridge

    DesignEdge, based near Cambridge in the UK, provides a total industrial design and electromechanical engineering service. We can take your product ideas all the way from concept sketch to manufacture.

  9. JMDA


    JMDA is an award winning design consultancy with over 25 years' experience in new product development. We turn great ideas into profitable products.

  10. Megaloop


    Founded by award-winning designer Andrea Putaggio, Megaloop offers integrated user research, strategic design, industrial design, UI/UX design, and design engineering to create innovative products and services that seamlessly blend the physical and digital touch-points.

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    Costello Design

    Costello Design provides innovative product designs that satisfy your marketing, manufacturing and budget goals and will give the consumer a well designed, user friendly product.

  12. Big Bang

    Big Bang

    Big Bang is a digital product development and design consultancy based in Atlanta and New Haven. We focus our expertise at the intersection of physical and digital, leveraging an agile approach to develop unified products.

  13. WMP Creative

    WMP Creative

    WMP offers a broad range of creative services. With a wealth of experience in developing consumer products, medical devices and App-based innovations; our designers have helped global brands achieve in their new product development objectives. As designers, we seek to find simple ways of enhancing the way users engage with products. Our multi-disciplinary team is formed of a collective of talented and experienced designers who are passionate about creating innovative and inspirational design solutions.

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    Nelson Cash

    Nelson Cash is a design studio. We specialize in strategy, product development, branding & marketing, UX/UI & visual design and web/application development. We believe that listening to our clients, truly getting to know their business and incorporating honesty every step of the way leads to an exceptional end product and an enjoyable experience for everyone along the way.

  15. i4 Product Design

    i4 Product Design

    Established in 2003, our team of industrial designers, product designers and engineers work with our clients to create new products or revive existing products to introduce a uniqueness that will give them the competitive edge. We pride ourselves on delivering beautiful designs that are beautifully engineered.

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    Designspring is a well-established, award-winning industrial design/engineering consulting firm providing comprehensive services including: pre-design research and feasibility studies, new product concepts, design and development, engineering, prototyping, documentation, structural and graphic package design.

  17. Loophole


    Loophole is a product design and development consultancy in Denver, Colorado. Loophole specializes in human-centered design, engineering and prototyping to deliver intelligent design solutions that resonate.

  18. Aetha Design

    Aetha Design

    Aetha is a unique product design consultancy based in the UK. By combining engineering and industrial design, Aetha is able to undertake projects in their entirety from the pre-concept stage through to product development and manufacture. Our team is a multidisciplinary group of design researchers, strategists, product, textile & makers.

  19. Realise


    Realise is a UK based product and industrial design consultancy, known for tackling tough technical challenges, like the world's first flexible folding cycle helmet. Services include patent searching, branding, product design, 3D CAD, prototyping and design for manufacture.

  20. Brightworks


    Brightworks is an award-winning creative product design and technical innovation company. Designing things brighter in Bristol, UK.

  21. Design Tower

    Design Tower

    Design Tower is a professional product design and development company. With 30 years of industry experience, a 94% innovation commercial success rate, and accredited by 3 different Chartered Bodies for excellence in product design and innovation, Design Tower offers the most comprehensive range of new product development services encompassing all varieties of engineering and industrial design consulting for medical devices, consumer, industrial and many more other industry sectors.

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    GinnDesign is a product development consultancy that artfully blends creative and thoughtful industrial design with innovative materials and manufacturing expertise.

  23. Origin


    Our knowledge and expertise in product development - from conception to manufacture - will enable you to deliver market leading products. We are excited by challenge, working alone or in partnership with our client, with a proven track record of success. Our unique company structure allows us to adapt to new requirements, responsively and with conviction.

  24. One over three

    One over three

    One over three is a multi-disciplinary product design consultancy. We create smart, logical solutions to targeted design problems.

  25. Design Vision

    Design Vision

    Design Vision provides a complete product design service for business and tech-start-ups. Our experience is broad and we have provided new product solutions for clients within the consumer, marine, gaming, medical, industrial and aerospace sectors. We work with start-ups to develop new product ideas and also established businesses, looking to expand and revitalize their product ranges.

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    Pushstart Creative

    Pushstart is a multidisciplinary agency focused on the convergence of physical product, interactive technology and brand experience.

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    Brooks Stevens

    At Brooks Stevens, our integrated teams of researchers, designers, engineers, prototyping technicians and project managers focus on helping companies to compete and succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Working in close partnership with our clients, we develop products that invoke compelling user experiences and return value to the stakeholders. We accomplish this by connecting our understanding of user experience drivers to our clients' business goals.

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    WhiteBoard is an innovation and design consultancy. In partnership with our clients, we build teams of collaborating minds and diverse abilities, all focused on a united goal-to create winning product solutions that satisfy market demands, manufacturing requirements, and profit expectations.

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    Zukun Plan

    Zukun Plan is a product design studio focused on industrial design and mechanical engineering, located in Columbus, Ohio. We have a passion for sensible design with great aesthetics.

  30. Fred Sparks

    Fred Sparks

    Fred Sparks helps businesses capitalize on their potential through strategic, innovative, and sustainable product, package, and brand design solutions.