Industrial Design Consultancies

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  1. Studio 20 Design

    Studio 20 Design

    Studio 20 Design is an industrial design consultancy that focuses on technology products. We work with companies large and small to connect art, engineering, and business through inspiring design solutions.

  2. Designworks Group

    Designworks Group

    Designworks Group is a leading industrial design consultancy based in Brisbane Australia, London UK and Hong Kong. Designworks discovers the potential for growth, developing product ideas and bringing them to life as market ready solutions.

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    Disruptive Innovation

    Specialising in Eco-product design, we are genuinely passionate advocates for environmental sustainability and have co-authored and published the acclaimed specialist textbook "Eco-Suss". Our internationally recognised expertise in this increasingly important design specialism enables Disruptive Innovation to successfully deliver commercial design projects for sector leading businesses and is an important cornerstone of all engagements we undertake.

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    Manta Product Development

    Manta Product Development is an award winning, full service, product design consultancy working in a broad range of product areas, especially medical, consumer, robotics, business/industrial and sporting goods.

  5. StudioRed


    StudioRed is a 35 year old product development firm based out of the Silicon Valley California. We specialize in industrial and UX/UI design, mechanical engineering, and prototyping all in-house.

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    Paolo Villa

    Paolo Villa is an award-winning design consultancy which has developed a wide range of products for well over 25 years. Made by a successful team of fresh and talented designers working with enthusiasm, creativity and rigour, our design experience spans many product fields and have a solid list of renewed international clients.

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    Phase One Design

    Phase One Design is a full service product development firm which provides industrial design, mechanical engineering, and electronics design. We have worked with a wide range of companies, from start ups to multi national corporations like Alcatel-Lucent and Honeywell.

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    David Gordon

    David Gordon Ltd. is an industrial design and development company. We aim to create products which make life a little better for people, bring added comfort and pleasure and hopefully bring a smile to their faces. We aim to keep our clients happy by designing products which help to build and sustain successful businesses.

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    Gordon Randall Perry Design

    Gordon Randall Perry Design, GRPD, is an industrial design consultancy providing design, development and engineering services to help companies sell more effectively.

  10. Modum Design

    Modum Design

    Modum Design is a product design and engineering consultancy based in Brooklyn, New York. We believe design follows business, by empowering brands to connect with their users through thoughtful innovation.

  11. Oxford Product Design

    Oxford Product Design

    Oxford Product Design is a specialist product design consultancy that fuses creative flair with highly scientific and technical skills and an eye for detail. We are particularly well suited to the more challenging projects with high specifications or for use in demanding environments.

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    FSW Design Limited

    FSW Design provides an award winning product design and development service to a wide range of industry sectors. Combining sound engineering practice and creative industrial design, our ambition is always to design class-leading innovative new products.

  13. Idea Reality

    Idea Reality

    Idea Reality develops prototypes and crowdfunds innovative product ideas for global inventors and businesses.

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    Rocketship, an industrial design and product development firm providing product success strategies for the consumer products, medical, lifestyle, outdoor gear, and action sports markets.

  15. Swinton Design

    Swinton Design

    Swinton Design offers visionary industrial design for emerging tech companies, startups and fortune 500's alike.

  16. Integrated Design Systems

    Integrated Design Systems

    Integrated Design Systems is a customer-focused, full service industrial design consulting firm. We are proud to claim that our unblemished record of providing industrial design, engineering and plastics expertise to our elite clientele is proven by the hundreds of successful products on the market.

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    Insight Product Development

    Insight designs meaningful products and experiences. From design strategy though development we align user needs with business goals to ensure market success. With offices in Chicago, Boston, Raleigh and Shanghai, we have a global perspective that feels local. We work closely with our clients because we believe a collaborative relationship leads to the greatest innovation. Since our founding in 1988, we have worked with many industry leaders, including BD, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft and Motorola. Please visit our website for more information.

  18. Thrive


    Thrive is an experienced group of researchers, strategists and designers based in Atlanta, Georgia. We work at the intersection of design, the social sciences and business to help companies create new value. Our expertise in reinventing categories, connecting insights to business, envisioning new ideas, developing new products, and translating brands into tangible experiences, has helped leading companies to Thrive.

  19. Gm Design Development

    Gm Design Development

    Gm Design Development specializes in developing technically challenging products across several sectors including medical, healthcare, technical, industrial and consumer.

  20. Filament


    Filament is a collective of designers, engineers and strategists. We have a deep understanding of people's behaviour and emerging technology. Combine this with award-winning design skills and it allows us to develop successful products in medical tech, consumer, energy and Industrial sectors.

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    Satherley Design

    From initial concept design, through all stages of engineering development and into production. Our specialised group provides bespoke strategic and innovative product design for UK, EU and international companies.

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    BUiLT Design

    BUiLT Design is a full-service, multi-disciplinary product development firm, based in Everett, Washington. BUiLT is a design consultancy that helps companies increase their chance of market success.

  23. MatteRealize


    MatteRealize is a design and innovation consulting firm. The main benefit we provide is transforming our clients into entrepreneurs. We help them with the first step: creating a product.

  24. STEL


    STEL is a California-based product design consultancy offering industrial design and mechanical engineering services. Leaders in the design of sporting goods, consumer electronics, and the outdoor category, our team has the passion and experience to translate ideas to reality across multiple industries.

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    North Product Design

    Founded in 2014 by award winning product designer Nathan Partington, we offer a no gimmick, honest approach to design, with the output being market leading products that instill a compelling user reaction.

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    Tim Fish Design

    Outdoor and sports design consultancy providing; research / design / development and sourcing for UK and international clients.

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    Greaves Best Design

    Greaves Best Design are one of the most experienced product design and engineering consultancies in the UK. For over 20 years we've been developing winning solutions to the most diverse and demanding markets.

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    257 work with internationally acclaimed bluechip companies through to exciting start ups. This gives us a unique understanding of the business, marketing and manufacturing requirements required for new product development.

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    LINK Product Development helps inventors, small businesses, and established manufacturers plan, develop, and evolve their product offerings.