Industrial Design Consultancies

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  1. Industrial Design Alliance

    Industrial Design Alliance

    Industrial Design Alliance is a design and innovation consultancy based in Sydney Australia. IDA is specialized in product design, medical device design and development, and transportation design. The IDA team has over 20 years' experience in successfully turning ideas into products ready for market.

  2. Katapult Design

    Katapult Design

    Katapult Design provides industrial design and product development services including initial research, competitor & trend analysis, conceptual design, product detailing & 3D CAD, prototype manufacture & testing, production sourcing and implementation. We have offices in Byron Bay, Sydney and Melbourne.

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    Nosh Studio

    Nosh Studio is a product design consultancy based in San Francisco. We visualize ideas & present them through animations. With manufacturing support & experience to get them out the door onto the store shelves. Our team is diverse and experienced in multidisciplinary forms of various product design categories, empowering you with the confidence to out perform the competition, with thorough analytical design strategies and applied knowledge of the moving markets we work with you to get you ahead.

  4. Smallfry


    Smallfry is a product development and innovation consultancy with over 45 years of experience in the industrial design industry. Smallfry tailor an end to end service that enables the client to identify market opportunities and provide design, manufacturing and marketing expertise to create original product propositions, which drive consistent and sustainable revenue.

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    MPV Design

    MPV Design is a design consultancy that specialises in satisfying our clients product and design needs with stylish, functional, innovative and cost effective design solutions.

  6. Tone


    Tone is a creative studio delivering outstanding physical and digital products from concept to commercialization. Founded by Matthew Durbin and Oscar Daws, Tone was born from an insatiable appetite to imagine and create the future.

  7. Metaform Product Development

    Metaform Product Development

    Metaform Product Development is an award-winning product innovation, industrial design, and manufacturing company meaningfully optimizing the value, function, and aesthetics of products and inventions.

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    Product Dev

    Product Dev provides industrial and mechanical product design and development consultancy services. We have extensive industry experience and smarts in the electrical and electronics industry.

  9. Lifestyledesign


    Lifestyledesign is a full service industrial design, branding and engineering firm located in Santa Barbara, California.

  10. Stimulo


    Stimulo delivers profitable products by merging strategic; marketing, creativity, design and engineering. We do that by applying a simple methodology which we call stimulo360: We identify new business opportunities, create valuable and feasible concepts and deliver stimulating products.

  11. OOSH Design

    OOSH Design

    OOSH is an award-winning creative crew specializing in design. We partner with global brands and emerging businesses to create exciting and meaningful experiences, not only limited to industrial design but also interaction, packaging and branding.

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    Priority Designs

    Priority Designs is a leading research and development firm helping clients take products from concept to market. Our diverse team of specialists combines their expertise in research, strategy, product design, mechanical and electrical engineering, prototyping and soft goods. We've been partnering with our clients for over 28 years in industries from sporting goods to medical devices, to home goods and more.

  13. HS Design

    HS Design

    HS Design is a unique user-driven product development firm specializing in industrial design, engineering, user interface, prototyping and high technology design. We combine the needs of our clients' end-users, marketing and manufacturing experts to create a customized and focused solution. Our team combines form and function, prototyping and validation until we are confident the design is ready for production.

  14. Spitfire Industry

    Spitfire Industry

    Spitfire is a full-service design studio in Brooklyn founded By Isis Shiffer, an award-winning industrial designer. We are a small but passionate team dedicated to creating thoughtful solutions to the problems facing our world. We help big companies, small startups and everything in between realizing their new products, packaging and UI/UX vision. We are committed to sustainability, smart manufacturing, and leaving the world more beautiful than we found it.

  15. BZDesign


    BZDesign is a multidisciplinary industrial design, branding and marketing agency based in Rochester, NY. Our creative team of industrial, UI/UX and graphic designers partners with clients in a range of industries to bring their innovations to life. From tech startups to Fortune 500 companies, we build and strengthen brands that resonate in a crowded marketplace. We have vast experience creating consumer product and app designs across medical, biotech, and industrial fields.

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    Sketch Design Consultants

    Sketch Design Consultants is a design consultancy based in Singapore, which offers industrial design and 3D animation & digital effect services.

  17. Engenious Design

    Engenious Design

    Engenious Design is a creative engineering design firm specializing in electronic medical device design. Our team includes electrical, embedded software, mechanical and test engineers, industrial, interaction and graphic designers, as well as others; together creating medical devices and advanced technology products. We plan, specify, architect, design, build, test and transfer to manufacturing, with an infectious sense of urgency.

  18. Peterman Design Firm

    Peterman Design Firm

    Peterman provides product design & development along with branding and start-up consulting to help its clients launch successful products, brands, and companies.

  19. LA NPDT


    Louisiana New Product Development Team (LA NPDT) consists of experts in product design, development, prototyping, and marketing. LA NPDT strongly believes in using collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship and risk-taking to achieve consistent and effective results for our clients.

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    212 provides a full range of total product design services from the initial brief and concept innovation, through all the stage of design and engineering and the preparation of product drawings and prototypes.

  21. Michael Young Studio

    Michael Young Studio

    Michael Young was born in 1966 in Sunderland, a small industrial city in the North-East of England. He graduated from Kingston University in 1992 and the following year, he founded the Michael Young Studio with the aim of providing exclusive, quality design services across an eclectic range of markets - from interiors to technology.

  22. Harry Allen Design

    Harry Allen Design

    Harry Allen Design is a full-service consulting design firm with areas of expertise including industrial design, interior design, graphic design, and identity development.

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    Møller-Jensen is a consultancy providing industrial design and product innovation. For more than 40 years we have assisted companies in developing products with a high level of aesthetic, functional and sellable value. We know how to research, ideate and define good results.

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    Modern Edge

    Modern Edge combines intelligent consumer research with original product design, experiential brand development, effective engineering, and efficient manufacturing to transform your insights into market value.

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    INDUSTRY is a design consultancy. We help brands identify new opportunities and define what's next.

  26. ITEMdesignworks


    ITEMdesignworks is a leading Spanish design consultancy based in Bilbao. We are designers as well as engineers trained in Spain and London, with more than 20 years of professional experience.

  27. Tekna


    Tekna is a full service product design consulting firm offering extensive product development experience in a variety of demanding business specialties. Our approach to product development combines industrial design, analytical engineering, materials, process development, design controls, rapid prototyping, and assembly, from concept to distribution.

  28. The Group Creative

    The Group Creative

    The Group Creative is an industrial and product design consultancy dedicated to finding the right practical and aesthetic approach for our clients. Our design thinking, aligned with research and development leads to considered concept development, 3D rendered models & rapid prototyping. Having particular expertise in early manufacturing and marketing consideration, The Group Creative can help make sure a commercial opportunity is strengthened by offering a unique design solution.